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Below and in the links above is mainly personal YV writes about his own experiences and YVB!

My Comeback to boxing from this website is making seen boxing news after a lifetime of Work & Business

This website is to show my old boxing friends that I have not forgotten boxing but that life after boxing kept me busy > After Boxing

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TRIBUTES to very memorable friends.

Johnny Butterworth formerly British Lightweight Champion.  boxing video clips Johnny Butterworth vs George Bracken

I made my major impression in boxing in 1960 through sparring and training with this colourful boxer from the UK

This is when I truly became a fighter, I was previously ringshy and finally discovered I could punch hard.

He introduced rock and roll music while training in Snowy Sullivan's gym.

Hope you are well Johnny - I wish you all the best anyone can get.

My boxing experiences with you led me to achieve the PPBA most improved fighter of the year during 1960.

I was his main sparring partner and he was mine. What I learned from Johnny was how to combine fighting with boxing.

If you ever see this, Johnny, make sure you contact me. Johnny Butterworth had returned to the UK (Rochdale)

10th December 2006

I have recently been contacted by his nephew Colin Johnson and he told me that Johnny was his uncle and that Johnny is still alive and happily spends his time at the pub from 11: 00am every day which is common in the UK as its a social thing.

I have placed this movie so Johnny can see himself fighting a very loved by me and fans alike Aussie champion George Bracken. 

George Edwards - RIP - usher at the Stadium attended to opening, timekeeping and closing Snowy's gym.

We arrived in many wet and cold winter training sessions by ourselves, no sparring partners, George always showed up.

Snowy Sullivan - RIP (William Peter "Snowy" Sullivan) Young Victor says - My trainer was very larrikin like with cheeky blue eyes and liked his drink, he had a very nice family, very clean, well kept and held his job, he was a forklift driver at the government printing office in North Melbourne for a long time where nobody seemed to know he was associated with boxing, he always kept his family very private from his boxing life.

He arrived every Friday night at Festival Hall dressed immaculately in a dark  suit with a white shirt and bow tie, he sat right next to Bill Read the matchmaker in the weighing room with Norm Foster then a young man learning to be a matchmaker, I also used this as my dressing room, I saw all the boxers billed to fight on Friday nights getting officially weighed in. ( with some funny remarks made by boxers to their opponents whenever they ran into one another and heard some great threats )

At about the time when I went to Laurie Schwind to train for my last fight, Snowy had told the Stadium promoters I was having "feints" in the gym. ( whatever feints were, according to Ambrose Palmer whom told me personally ) This was totally untrue and I suspect he made it up as he was personally fond of me, and did not want me to go on with boxing in case of getting seriously hurt. He had indicated to me that although I did not have many fights, the ones I had were very hard. This also explains why my last fight was in the country ( Benalla ) and not at the stadium.

God Bless you Snowy because we were good friends and I always knew we had a soft spot within us for one another and I stuck by him.

But I loved the man, there was something about Snowy, I was begged to leave him and get what they called a proper trainer but keeping in mind what I did after boxing it was for the better.

Young Victor's mission is bringing boxers of the past and present some enjoyment from boxing news, help, information, memorable stories and advice from existing resources as well as keeping you in touch with his contributions to the Great Game of Boxing.  Info.  &  Further reading    &   Young Victor Name Explanation


Young Victor

Young Victor 1958-font>1963 briefly introduced to boxing by Snowy Coates,  later managed & trained by Snowy Sullivan his fights were 1958 / 63 mainly at West Melbourne Stadium in Australia renamed Festival Hall. Retired just after turning 22 years of age and went on with an interesting life of challenges some with successes and failures most of which you can read about from the link My Memories just below. Young Victor was a committee member of the Australian Boxing Federation Vic. Inc. [ABF] & member - ANBF, he is a member of the PPBA, Known as the Past & Present Boxers Assoc.  & VBTL Victorian Boxers & Trainers League.  This grey area is mainly about Young Victor  during my very naive  period.  To return to this page from anywhere in here click HOME . This section is intended mainly for my friends and family members who are sprawled worldwide and live in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Malta. 

YV's boxing with other experiences and Memories

In YV's days there were only about 7 trophies to be won by pro boxers Most outstanding was the first Most improved was second. In the same year of 1960 George Bracken won the Most Outstanding.

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About this website: This website went on line 25th Jan 2002 as Young Victor (then a personal site) it quickly developed into a full blown boxing site. "Young Victor Boxing" first registered - 8th Dec 2004 as a Boxing website following into a Boxing News & Media site.

This website allows anything to be copied as Young Victor is of the opinion that Boxing benefits from other boxing enthusiasts using what they need which in turn helps boxing remain the gallant sport it has always been, the only condition is that anything copied is used sensibly and not offensive to anyone. PLEASE NOTE: Photos that belong to other professional photographers are marked as such and must not be copied. In Boxing Young Victor usually uses old time "fighters lingo" phrases and remarks with seemingly little care for spelling. Lynette a major contributor by staying fast behind the editor of the site.

I think I am the oldest boxer from the past retired 1963 that contributes a little to our game of boxing on the internet.

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