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News: An huge turnout for the 2005 Xmas Reunion of the Past and Present Boxers Association in Victoria held at Footscray Football Club.

This was one of the best ever and most enjoyable boxing gathering Young Victor has been to.

The camera became useless and remained in its case as he became too busy chatting with many old friends. (however thanks to a great friend Werner, we will have photos of this occasion on YVB for those that attended and after viewing can be acquired directly from him

The place was littered with boxing champions, boxing greats and familiar faces and YV will place these on this website as soon as they arrive by mail from our kind pro. photographer Werner Kalin ( a man that does so much for boxing )

Go to PPBA photo area below in this page


Only in America, and boxing... King once called Burstein an ``insidious insect'' and sued him in England for saying King was anti-Semitic...

Baldomir Stuns Judah, Mayweather and Boxing World!!!...

Worth Watching - Just what we don't want in boxing!!

Fenech fights again in court!!

Alex Ramos - One of Boxing's True Champions.... "RBF" President & Founder Alex Ramos, a former potential Olympic hero and USBA title holder, is one of boxing’s few true champions!


Jim Amato Norman "Stoney" Stone....

SO Services to Boxing Award: Kostya Tszyu


By Clive Bernath: For the first time in the history of the annual SecondsOut Awards we have decided to introduce a Services to Boxing award. This very special accolade will be awarded to anyone involved in boxing that SecondsOut staff, feel has conducted themselves impeccably and contributed to the enhancement of our wonderful sport worldwide.

read more at SecondsOut.com

The sportsmanship between Tszyu and Hatton was an example
The sportsmanship between Tszyu and Hatton was an example

Ray Mitchell passes away - Ray is remembered by Young Victor as the editor of the boxing magazine "Australian Ring" for those that remember here is a picture as seen then. Photo on right.News by Craig Waller: ANBF Vale to Ray Mitchell

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Ray Mitchell passed away peacefully at Sutherland Hospital on Tuesday 29th November 2005 age 86 years. Ray was a Referee at the Sydney Stadium for many years and continued his career with the Club promotions. He also dabbled in the fields of matchmaking, Journalism and histories. On behalf of all the Australian Boxing Fraternity I would like to forward sincere condolence to his Family in this time of grieving. It is believed the funeral will be held on Wednesday 7th December, Details will be available when they come to hand. RIP Ray Mitchell 1919-2005.
Funeral Details:
Wednesday 7th December. Woronora South Chapel Sutherland 2 PM. This will be a burial and former top Boxer Trevor King will read the eulogy.


Good Luck to Sam Soliman

Saturday in Connecticut

TODAY Saturday 9th. (US time)

We don't write things like this about our boxers in Australia but Young Victor certainly hopes this writer does eat his column and going by what I have seen of Sam Soliman he better stop the Aussie before the final bell. YV is going for Sam on points hoping it will be tastier.

I hope I have to eat this whole column, every last word, and we see a helluva fight and an upset of humongous proportions Saturday because, more than anything, I like to see entertaining fights.

Ricky Hatton flies to Las Vegas today to be ringside at the world middleweight title bout between Jermain Taylor and Bernard Hopkins as the guest of HBO, the US cable television station. There will be many people there wanting to do business with the WBA and IBF light-welterweight champion. TimesOnline

2 Dec 05 

Young Victor predicts Jermain Taylor will be the undisputed World Middleweight Champion after December 3rd (US) despite the controversial result of July 16th.  With all respect to one of the greatest middleweight champions ever Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins, Taylor should have more gas on this occasion to cope with Bernard's early efforts to end the fight by ko.

"Bernard Hopkins needs no further glory"



Read about this great treat to Melbourne fight fans below.

See below ::: PRESS CONFERENCE & Fight-Card.

Boxer Darchinyan considers overseas move... A disillusioned Vic Darchinyan is seriously considering fighting and living overseas, after Australia's only male boxing world champion suffered yet another title bout postponement. Darchinyan's mandatory IBF title defence against Damaen Kelly was set to go to a purse bid next week, after the parties failed to agree financial terms for a rescheduled fight in Melbourne next Sunday....

Kostya Tszyu is calm and collective about his future in boxing and is taking his time about any decisions he makes. This makes sense to YVB as he has given us so much that allowing himself pushed into hurried decisions may be dangerous.

Kostya has done all the proving he needed to do and accomplished and held the Best P/P Boxer in his division. he also held the WBC, IBF and WBA Light Welterweight titles simultaneously for nearly 8 years - Now: MEDIA RELEASE


shannon taylor and ray joval press release

Shannon Taylor and Ray Joval.

Press Conference boxing videos  Removed for space reasons

Held at Olympic Park media room.

Vodaphone Arena


*November 27th.*

Melbourne boxing fans are in for a treat on the afternoon of Sunday, November 27, with a world title up for grabs at Vodafone Arena.

For new fight-card "read below!!

Press release November 15, 2005.

"Click on flier for large view"

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PABA Middleweight & Victorian Middleweight TITLE FIGHTS

9th. December 2005

at Darebin Community Sports Centre.

Fighters Factory roadtoglory_fightersfactory.gif (161818 bytes) 


See Fight Card


How They Performed....

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Shannon McMahon vs Paul  Tapley.

Ring Card Girls at Festival Hall

See More

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Fights at Festival Hall 14th. Oct. had the fans excited as all were top class events.

Peter Maniatis is a leading promoter in Victoria.   

Boxing legend losing battle with Parkinson's.... FOXSports.com According to a report in the London Evening Standard, Muhammad Ali is losing his two-decade long battle with Parkinson's disease and may only have "months to live." A close family friend told the newspaper: "His condition has worsened. At this point, he may only have months to live." But Ali's marketing agent, Harlan Werner, denied the report, telling BBC Sport, "Muhammad is fine and he has numerous appearances lined up....

Gilberto Biondi - we wish him peace in heaven having passed away in his home in Melbourne aged 71 5th. October.

Read more in Fighter-Online


Congratulations to Sharon Anyos from YVB 

   The very first women's "WBC Featherweight Champion of the World"

Anyos on top of world... Herald Sun


Boxing at Vodaphone Arena Nov 27th. 2005 (information not supplied by promoter to YVB)

This will conflict with the VBTL "Fighter's of the Year Trophy Presentation unless after 6 pm. so YV will not cover this card as he is presenting the "Most Improved" trophy at Braybrook & Maribyrnong RSL. Raleigh Rd. Maribyrnong. 12.30 pm.

It is understood that the program timing is early afternoon and according to some experts this should harm attendances and not good for the investors in this promotion.


Alex Ramos of Retired Boxers Foundation boxing presented this clip to Young Victor Boxing


Young Victor urges all fighters and trainers to listen to the highly important issues made by Alex Ramos.




how they performed.

murray_pradeepsingh.jpg (14031 bytes)    Your ALT-Text here  

knox292.jpg (33993 bytes)  knox294.jpg (12516 bytes) 

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Promotion by Murray Thompson

Fighters Factory 29th July


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Smokin Joe Frasier with Craig Waller of the ANBF at the Penrith fights.


Tommy Burns 99 years later


**BOXING**    Watch TVH KO BOXING on Channel 31 by Peter Maniatis

 TV RINGSIDE IS COMING BACK:  Peter Maniatis is soon to start the once very popular TV RINGSIDE and is to be shown on channel 31 date and location TBA


Festival Hall Resurrects TODAY


 Oct. Friday 14th.


 Your ALT-Text here      maniatis_grima2.jpg (395998 bytes) Click to enlarge maniatis_Tua.jpg (886566 bytes)

Promoter Peter Maniatis seen here with James Grima, one of the boxers he is featuring 14th. October and attending VIP Guest from NZ, World heavyweight title contender David Tua.

Festival Hall (originally WEST MELBOURNE STADIUM) was the historical place for all the great boxing that took place in Melbourne since 1915 rebuilt in 1956 and is a perfect venue for boxing. see photo as it looked in 1956 today named Festival Hall looks much better.

Peter Maniatis under his Promotions company had promised a great boxing card and has delivered.   See Fight Card



YV will set foot at ringside for the first time since his last appearance at Festival Hall in 1962

Who Is Peter Maniatis ??? Lets find out ! Click here


Archived Main Page Items from Young Victor Boxing


Johnson has passed away

It is with heartfelt sadness to report that Leavander Johnson has passed away. READ


RIP - Due to the passing away today 16th. Sept. 05 of the highly respected Boxing Official Don Marks our Sincere Sympathies go to his family and friends.

   He will be missed by all the Boxing Fraternity.

God Bless Don and the family he left behind in mourning.


Young Victor calls for all Victorian active boxers, trainers, managers, & promoters to become members of the Victorian ABF - ANBF click to read

Young Victor urges all participants in boxing to get behind the Victorian ABF the pride of our State.

 The Victorian ABF was incorporated in Victoria by Victorians. The effort made by us collectively will ensure the future of  the Victorian ABF the original predecessor of the ANBF.  Join now and help maintain its existence.

"Before its too late"


Safety in boxing 

SULAIMAN ON A SAFETY MISSION...WBC president begins seminar in Jakarta today to try and stop all-too-common boxing deaths in Indonesia

This is a favourite issue with Young Victor as it needs addressing. Following the WBC methods at least in having an ambulance on site while the fights are in progress may be very rewarding in the long term for Aussie Boxing.




Tim thinks the title is enough

Tim Bell is fighting for no pay at all, he is even paying for his trip to Coffs Harbour.

"No fighter should fight for no pay"

YVB wish him the best as no fighter deserves to fight for free. YV thinks this should not be permitted by the ANBF.

"Australian Lightheavyweight title shot for "Tiger" Tim Bell"

Tim Bell meets Justin Clements at Coffs Harbour SEPT 30 2005.

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Trainer Gerard Stuart said Tim is ready to bring the title back to Victoria.


PPBA Reunions new home.

"Go the dogs"

Thanks to the Western Bulldogs the PPBA reunions are being held at their corporate building which has a very nice  atmosphere and is very comfortable. Our members love the place as I do and we hope we can keep using the facility.


Join the Bulldogs

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** 5 Rounder **

May 13th Friday

At Central Coast Leagues Club a 5 rounder fight took place.

Light Heavyweight 5x3
Jamie Pittman 76.90kgs Win KO 2.31 Round 3 Over Clint Johnson 78.40kgs

To my surprise this was not a mistake as I checked with  Craig Waller (ANBF) he was just as surprised as me.

There may be a possibility we may see scheduled 4½ rounds one day.


Past and Present Boxers Assoc.

"Worth knowing"

Boxing enthusiasts should know that the PPBA membership does not necessarily consist of boxers or just  retired ones and that all people are welcome to join and get involved.

The friendly members make all comers welcome.


Send your Member's News

Anyone with news about any PPBA members are welcome to have it shown on the YVB website.

"Send photos"


Johnny Wheeler is recovering well and making huge progress towards getting back into what he does best and that is judging fights.


Publishing the whole or part of the PPBA Newsletter is being discussed with the the administrators at present and Young Victor hopes that this is done as it will help exposure to new memberships. 




Friday, July 22nd feature three current champions, three main events and a top quality undercard with dual world bantamweight champion Nathan Sting Southport Sharks.Read PRESS RELEASE


Frank Maloney's Commentary on Ricky Hatton

Click Here to Read


 Your ALT-Text here Young Nasser from the channel 7 TV Ringside days (60's) captured by YV





how they performed.

Banyule Netball Stadium, Macleod Vic
Friday 1st July 2005


how they performed.

Bob Rose Trophy

Promotion by Peter Maniatis

 Your ALT-Text here

Malvern 17th June 2005


how they performed

Knox 27th May 2005


PPBA Send your Member's News

Anyone with news about any PPBA members are welcome to have it shown on the YVB

"Send photos"


Why we love MELBOURNE

To be disclosed soon.


Tommy Burns 99 years later



Kostya Tszyu Champion

 in Defeat 

Kostya displayed Gentlemanship right to the end when he embraced Ricky Hatton and complimented him after a great action packed fight.

Low Blow

YV thinks the low blow in round 10 put the 9 year older champion in what seemed an unrecoverable position.

However YVB congratulates the new 140 lb Champion Ricky Hatton.

This Mancunian will be around for some time as he lacks no ability.

Kostya will be remembered by Australian Boxing as, if not the greatest, but one of the greatest

Aussie Boxers.

A True example of a World Champion

Hatton: If I can be half the champion Kostya Tszyu was, I’ll be a very proud man,”

Johnny Lewis: I’ve been proud of Kostya Tszyu in victory so many times and equally proud of him in defeat today,” 


Read about split ? with Johnny Lewis

Listen to interviews at fightnight



Undisputed Super Lightweight

Champion of the World Kostya Tszyu  

The blockbuster fight will be broadcast live in Australia from 9.00am on Sunday, June 5, with the main card scheduled to commence from 11.00am EST. Fight fans can catch all the action exclusively into their lounge room on MAIN EVENT pay-per-view, or at leading pubs and clubs through AUSTAR, FOX SPORTS and SKY Channel.

Best wishes Kostya from YVB

Featured Photo of Nice people in Australian Boxing

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Howard Lee - Leading Boxing Introductions Presenter in our great city of Melbourne at the "Bob Rose Trophy" night held at Malvern Town Hall by boxing promoter and TV personality Peter Maniatis 17th June 2005. note: Referee Ignatius Missailidis in the background.

During June 2005 YVB decided to keep most of what was news on the main page

of this website and archive it on this page for future reference by our viewers.







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