NEWSFLASH: Former Australian Welterweight Champion Shannon McMahon to make a comeback after hand surgery, in 6 round Show Opener against New Zealand opponent (to be advised).

Raised abroad, but raising their fists over here

WHEN Cameroon-born Sakio Bika decided to stay in Sydney after the 2000 Olympics to pursue a professional boxing career, his biggest obstacle to success wasn't the language barrier - it was food....


Young Victor (18 Dec 2006) calls for a heavier division than Heavyweight as today's man is larger than 40 years ago by at least one division. (McDonald's sizes)

This should be simple and a name for the new added weight division could be "Super Heavyweight" as that is the trend with the added mid divisions.

This will bring boxing in those classes back to its senses. What we have now is giants fighting big boys and making good quality boxers look bad.

This merely means that the Heavyweight division remains intact in status, until the bigger boys new division develops.

The writer suggests a new upper limit be regulated that protects any talent left in the heavyweight class before it all turns into a circus. New age weight for new age men.


Boxing Manager looks for fighters in the Philippines click here

Regaining Australian promoter of the year Peter Maniatis will be jetting into the Philippines with undefeated super middleweight Australian prospect Kerey "the prince" Palmer 4-0 on Wedsday 17Th of January 07 and will stay 2 Weeks in the Philippines looking to sign a star boxer to bring back to Australia....


Green moves step closer to world title
The West Australian - Perth,Western Australia,Australia
Green's corner men wore t-shirts emblazoned with the name "Marshy" in tribute to boxing journalist with The West Australian, David Marsh, who died last ...


Dave Sands gets a new memorial upgrade

Unveiled by former immensely popular Australian lightweight champion

George Bracken and Joan Laming.

Click to see    Press Release

At a public ceremony at the corner of Broadway and Glebe Point Road in Glebe yesterday, an upgraded memorial plaque to Aboriginal boxing hero Dave Sands (Ritchie) was unveiled. The event was attended by over 120 ex boxers, fans, colleagues, Aboriginal identities and community leaders. (by Patrick Skene Event Manager and Producer Sweet Science Radio Show  - www.gadigal.org.au/sweetscience )



Melbourne Superfighter has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond the promoter Steven Duval's control.

As in all promotions in boxing the unexpected can always happen and this is just what went wrong with the SUPERFIGHTER tournament that was expected to take place in Melbourne on 2nd December.

When fighters are bound by the sanctioning bodies like the IBF not to fight again after a stoppage for a min. period of 28 days.

Kalvin Brock was stopped Nov 4th by Wladimir Klitschko.

Similarly when is bound by the WBC to have another fight due to a decision that ends in a circumstance also binding the fighter to fight again in a given period then it is also an unforeseeable situation that just has to be accepted.

After winning by a split decision and controversial media and spectator comments Samuel Peter against James Toney was ordered to fight a rematch and not have any other fights until he has.

There was also some visa/entry issues that further hindered the program.

Bad luck that has to be accepted.

It speaks volumes for the promoter and his team and associates like Lennox Lewis that put so much effort to call it off, to say the least for the expenses that were already incurred.

It is a shame that something that was going to be so good for the local Melbourne boxing fans had to come to this.

It is very galant of the promoters not to get money greedy and go ahead with a lame program that may have us all disappointed. "All ticket sales will be refunded at point of sale".

SUPERFIGHTER has been a success overseas and the same was to follow here in Melbourne.

YVB will keep you informed of new future arrangements of SUPERFIGHTER.


Who was at the fights???

One of the judges in boxing and friend former Victorian boxer Bryan Membrey


 Shannon McMahon

Matt Ropis

Shannon McMahon was stripped of his Australian Welterweight title soon after he won it in Oct 2005 due to his injured right hand.

He has been treated and resting his right hand for quite some time and he told us that things are looking quite well and that he will be returning to boxing in the new year.

Matt ploughed through the TV Ringside days in Melbourne and won the Australian Lightweight title in late 1974.

He is remembered as an aggressive fighter and made every opponent earn their money.

He defended it successfully twice and lost it to Lawrence Austin in Sep 1976.

Johnny Wheeler passes away RIP

Johnny Wheeler passed away last night 10 Nov 06 at the Alfred hospital after 9 days of waiting in palliative care.

John was an everybody's friend and very nice to get on with. John showed me a beautiful scrap book he kept with all the people he met throughout his boxing career which continued after his ring retirement in 1957 as a boxing judge and referee. Johnny hailed from Fremantle, WA and survived life after being in a boys home. He started boxing after arriving in Melbourne and was trained by Ambrose Palmer. An achievement John was very proud of as he had told me was how he parked his "pink mg" in the city attracting all the girls. He was always proud of having fought George Bracken and Sergio Milan. He had fought Norm Foster, Bluey Wilkins, Russell Sands etc.

For some reason he told me quite a few times he had fought Jim Sullivan, it may be because Jim was trained by Snowy Sullivan also my trainer.

We had visited John in hospital but we could only say a few words which hopefully consoled him. There will be more on Johnny in this site.

Young Victor and Lynette offer their condolences to his family and other close friends.

Johnny Wheeler's funeral will be held at St Peter & Paul - Catholic Church at 375 Dorcas St South Melbourne wed. 15th at 10 am followed by a gathering at the Rising Sun Hotel cnr of Swan and Burnley Strs Richmond.


Eddie Delic is billed to fight for the WBF welterweight title at the Suntec International Convention and Exhibit Center in Singapore on November 25. He is fighting Dondon Sultan Pan Asia Boxing Association welterweight champion.


Melbourne can expect Celebrity Boxing in January 2007

Peter Maniatis is preparing to introduce "Celebrity KO Boxing" likely to be held at the Docklands Stadium, a building nearing completion soon.

Stars being invited to participate are Hollywood's Costa's Mandylor, footballer Dermot Brereton, Chopper Reid, Mark (Jacko) Jackson and award winning actor Garry Sweet.

Channel Seven has shown interest in being involved. More will be shown on YVB as developments progress.


TV CHANNEL 31 - 200th. SHOW

The channel 31 KO boxing show has been on air since 2002, and is one of the highest rating shows on channel 31, on air  Tuesday  nights  and Friday morning  and Saturday  at noon....  The show will be celebrating its 200Th show on the 24th of October 06....





On Saturday 14th October 2006 Kevin Hargraves opened a state of the art boxing gym at Hoppers Crossing where nobody will be sitting waiting around for a punchbag or speedball as there are plenty as shown in the photos below. A big crowd was present and you can see the video of this opening below.



Boxing Gym offers BOXINGFIT

 Read more www.boxingfit.com.au



Melbourne Superfighter has arrived! "Get set for the biggest boxing event that will take place in "Telstra Dome" in Vic.



Fighters smile to hide

Safety in the ring is paramount, therefore it is always important that referees have had Fighting experience and can recognize when a fighter is showing the signals of being in a dangerous condition. At this point a knockout is almost imminent.

The other day I mentioned something about the ref at Blacktown which in my opinion certainly had trouble in making a stoppage decision which like I said could have landed by having a seriously hurt fighter.
One of the major signs in a fighter being hurt is a smile during or before liquorice legs and that fighter was doing just that a few times before the doc jumped in the ring forcing the ref to stop it.
Although probably unnoticed the fight game came to a standstill just before, during or after 1963, Stadiums gave up, 3 fighters died within the space of a week (a couple in Australia).
There is plenty of reason why we should not allow things like that to happen. Boxing can once again die..
This can happen to a fighter anytime but mostly when its allowed to.

 The ref has the added responsibility of ensuring the safety of a fighter in distress.
A referee should always be a person that has experienced being in there himself to have the ability to notice these situations, the judges outside the ring are a different story their job is watching for scoring blows.

The eyes tell it all, my term for this was smelling blood and thats when you go for the kill, its common amongst fighters.

Young Victor

HEADLINE NEWS: Johnny Wheeler in Need of Prayers

News of former Australian boxer Johnny Wheeler was passed to Young Victor by former ABF President Bryan Membrey that he is presently in the Alfred hospital.

Johnny's fights were during 1948/57, he had 66 fights. He never fought for any titles but as Mario Magriss stated he had been awarded a vacant Victorian Title at some stage. He has been a referee, and judge for many years here and overseas.

We wish him all the very best. RECORD

 HEADLINE NEWS: YV visits Johnny Wheeler  Tues. 31st Oct 2006

Early this afternoon I visited Johnny with my wife Lynette as she was with me the last time I visited John after his car accident earlier this year.

I am sorry to say that John is basically in palliative care as I was advised by the medical staff.

They also told me that he has stopped being fed and is on morphine for comfort.

I am sorry to have to report this to his boxing friends but such is life. I conveyed to John that the boxing fraternity in Melbourne and Australia wide wish him all their very best.

All I could put together in words to him was that we loved him and sincerely hoped he is coping as good as possible with his difficult condition.

We did take a getwell card and a packet of lollies with me but the lollies had to come back out with me.

There are a lot of photos of Johnny Wheeler on this website especially in the Past and Present Boxers Association section.


Lennox hails slugfest as Superbowl of fights
Peter Kogoy October 18, 2006 FORMER undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis said in Melbourne yesterday that the Superfighter concept - where eight of the world's best are pitted against each other on the one card - was the sport's equivalent of one-day cricket....

Boxing Gym called BOXINGFIT is having its opening in Hoppers Crossing 14th Oct 2006

This boxing gym is one of the first and biggest BOXING FOR FITNESS GYM AT 75 Elm Park Drive, Hoppers Crossing. click above to see the great opening offers and contender challenge prizes offered. This opening will be shown of KO BOXING program on channel  31 hosted by promoter Peter Maniatis, one of our leading boxing promoters in Victoria.

 Read more www.boxingfit.com.au


Barry Michael Promotion

"SHOWCASING VIC DARCHINYAN" Vic Darchinyan v Glenn Donaire.
IBF/ IBO Flyweight championship of the world.
Las Vegas, 7th of October 2006.

As seen in World of Boxing magazine Oct 2006  (Legend ? there was no charge)

 YV does subscribe Ray Wheatley's "World of Boxing Magazine" and recommends it  to all boxers and boxing fans.


Young Victor offers his condolences to Steve Irwin's wife Terri and Family, a great Aussie Icon in wildlife conservation.

A little glory at last for the power that was John Wren

John Wren ran boxing in Australia (Stadiums Ltd) which gave Aussie boxers a chance at Big Time Boxing

Read more


Bell tolls for Vic Patrick, the greatest of all Bret Harris and Peter Kogoy

 August 14, 2006

The Passing Of A Legend

By Craig Waller 14-08-2006
Australian boxing has lost one of it's most treasured and resected fighters in the form of The great Vic Patrick on Friday 11th August 2006.
The former Australian Lightweight and Welterweight Champion fort some of Australia's best during his boxing career. Some of the greats that come to mind is Freddy Dawson, Tommy Burns, Tommy Johns and Rush Milling to name a few. Vic also became the countries most respected Referee after his colourful fighting career.
Vic's service is to be held at Rookwood Cemetery on Wednesday 16th August at 10:45am.
On behalf of all Australian boxing fans and participants I send heart felt condolences to the Patrick family in this sad time of grieving.

Young Victor offers his condolences to a great Aussie Legend

Vic Patrick was one of the greatest champions of all times and fought the likes of Freddy Dawson and other greats. (more will be shown here about Vic)

Pride of fighting under the jurisdiction of this great man overcame my feelings of my loss to Kevin Bell in  unusual circumstances.

In the legendry Sydney Stadium, the old "tin shed", at Rushcutters Bay listed for 12 rounds where the fight took place, Vic Patrick gave the pat to Bell without applying a count during the sixth round, much to the amazement of the usually local one-eyed Sydney fans. They responded by a huge booing to their local fighter and referee as I had floored Bell three times twice for counts and once with the bell coming to his rescue.

Press Release: 

"Fists of Fury" LIVE made BOXING HISTORY 

Boxing history in the making as "Fists of Fury" was shown LIVE throughout the world on millions of handheld mobile devices and right here on YoungVictorBoxing Website 

Thanks to the innovations of Wireless Events Network - WENPPV (www.wenppv.com) and the insightful vision of Mike Powers, President of Powers Boxing (www.powersboxing.com) we now have another way that we can witness our sport - and this truly changes everything.

Read coverage by Talking Boxing.com

For you boxing fans stay tuned to for upcoming fightnights to YoungVictorBoxing for future announcements from  Wireless Events Network fights cost to watch is only $10 and is not to be missed.

BBQ at Murray's "Fighters Factory" On the 1st. July a barbeque was held at Murray's gym and I figure it all went according to plan. All the boxers, professional and amateur and learners got the chance to spar and show off all their hard work. A small charge of $10 per adult, $7.50 for concessions and $5 for kids. Everyone was welcome to go and take friends and family. This was a great idea as it gives all the young gym boys a chance to box amongst the professionals publicly.

I was a bit slow in finding out as Murray is the nicest of blokes and asks for nothing. I would have liked to have told the readers on this website, however, I am sure it was a success.

Former Australian Champion Julian (the farrier) Holland informed YVB: that his first trainer former and Vic champ and TV ringside fighter Hillary Connolly is very sick and in a very bad way. Hillary is known for going 10 rounds twice with Hector Thompson in 1972 whom went on to win the British Empire Title. YVB and all the boxing fraternity wish him a recovery if at all possible.

Young Victor's Mother Josephine Aquilina passes away.

"Thank you"

Young Victor and his entire family appreciate and thank all those who sent their comforting expressions of sympathy during our sad bereavement. 

Responding to the hundreds of emails is some task, I apologise to those that I may miss in thanking as I lost 2 days of mail during this period. I did read them and intended to respond on completion of my duties to my mother.

Press Release: "Fists of Fury" Live broadcast makes boxing HISTORY! 
It's Official "WENPPV" and Powers Boxing made boxing history as they became the first network and promoter to broadcast a live boxing event via Internet browsers, smart phones, over 40 mobile hand held devices and video phones. The broadcast was seen all over the world and throughout the USA! We took a local boxing show and made it a global event. Viewers seem to be happy, said ring announcer Sam "The Fight Man" Ibrahim 
Posted below is a link to all mobile devices that were able to view our live broadcast of "Fists of Fury"
We will be announcing our next "Pay Per View" event Monday morning.


Ronald (Winky) Wright and Jermain Taylor in Draw Result - Young Victor Boxing - June 18, 2006

YV watched this fight at the Stamford hotel on SKY in Rowville over a mixed grill, It was a good fight with a reasonable amount of action but never changed its theme as the fighters just boxed seemingly with just going the distance in mind. During round 11, I told Lyn that the next round is going to be with Taylor going for a ko in the next as I expected Wright to be in the lead, he seemed to ease his efforts in this round. The following final round started with  Winky Wright seemingly thinking he only had to see the round out to get the pat, well surprise surprise the result was a draw. YV expected Wright to get the decision as his defence was almost impregnable most of the time making a lot of Taylors punches non scorers. by YV

Get Rated


"Boxers & Officials: Join me in getting Victorian Boxing on the move"

"Join me in getting Victorian Boxing "RATINGS" on the move"

Victorian Ratings (rankings) are going to be placed here and will be chosen by a consortium of respectable boxing members, official only on YoungVictorBoxing website. see here This is intended to be followed on by the Australian Boxing Federation.

YV has already been instructed by the ABF to assist Gerrard Stuart whom is now the Chairman of Victorian Ratings Committee and getting Victorian Ratings up and going. This sites champions will coincide and be the same as ABF.

Young Boxers need recognition and need to know where they rate while climbing the ladder. This will encourage them  to continue and maintain their enthusiasm.

Furthermore this will help accidental mismatching which can become rampant if ever neglected and not good for the greatly required safety standard in Australian Boxing.


Registered Victorian boxers  (Fights in last 12 months) to send contact details to Young Victor. Contact

YV is of the opinion that all Victorian boxers should be rated and he will help choose the top eight (8) in each division. This will create competitive interest amongst active local Victorian boxers.


You don't have to be the greatest to be loved and admired Floyd - youngest ever to win the World Heavyweight Crown and first to ever regain it.

"Gentleman" Floyd Patterson passes away" click here


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Heavyweight Champ falls for the last time click here

More on Floyd Patterson

Legend Olympic Champion Cathy Freeman and Boxing"


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