Wood wins Aussie Contender

By Michael Wood:

In The Australian Contender Final at the Sydney Entertainment Centre big underdog Garth Wood (7-1, 3 KO’s) outpointed Kenyan Kariz Kariuki, (21-8-1, 18 KO’s) in an absorbing contest and won the first prize of $25,000 but perhaps more importantly secured a future match up with former two time WBA super-middleweight champion Anthony Mundine – with it a guaranteed purse of $250,000. He won by split decision over seven rounds on the scorecards by 68-66 and 68-65 with the third judge amazingly scoring the fight 66-68 to Kariuki at the 168 pound super-middleweight limit for the tournament... READ

Wheatley "WOB" writes Change: WBO Light Middleweight to WBA Middleweight

Former world title challenger Robert Medley is confident of defeating Anthony Mundine next Monday at the Entertainment Center in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Medley’s trainer Graham Shaw said, “Rob has looked great in the gym in sensational sparring sessions against WBO rated 168 pounder Peter Kariuki and also his world middleweight contender Daniel Geale. He is physically and mentally 100% ready to defeat Mundine. We have the advantage of......READ ON




Lets hope we handle this opportunity with good sense, we are in a position of becoming a place where our fighters can get somewhere big in boxing from Australia.

Mundine, Green lead the way in boxing
The Age - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Mundine was the regular WBA super middleweight title holder behind Super champion Joe Calzaghe, super flyweight Vic Darchinyan and middleweight Daniel Geale ...

Mayweather Considering MMA
DALLAS (AP) — Floyd Mayweather Jr. met with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban this week to discuss competing in mixed martial arts.
"We're definitely going to work together," Cuban told The Associated Press after the Mavericks' game Friday night. "It's just a question of in what capacity. You just don't jump from being a boxer to an MMA fighter overnight. He's got to test the waters."
The story was first reported by ESPN.com.
The 30-year-old Mayweather is considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and boxing's No. 1 drawing card. His fights this year with Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya generated 3.25 million pay-per-view buys, more than $200 million in revenue and earned him about $50 million. read more

Hamdan gets his car and career back on track with a shot at Mundine's world title

NADER HAMDAN received some strange glances as he changed a flat tyre yesterday afternoon.

"My smile is so wide, people probably think I'm on drugs, grinning like this changing my tyre," he said.

Hamdan had just received a phone call - the one he'd been waiting for ever since he pulled on gloves and threw the first of a million punches.

The 33-year-old boxer will finally fight for a world title. And he doesn't have to worry about whether Australia will be paying attention, because his opponent, charismatic world champion Anthony Mundine, brings the eyes with him.

An official announcement of the bout will be held this morning at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, and the venue should live up to its name if both men are in their usual high spirits and firing oral uppercuts..... read more


2007 VICTORIAN PROFESSIONAL BOXING AWARDS PRESENTATION Sunday 16th December in Sunshine Melbourne. Click here to see


Danny Green wins WBA  Light heavyweight CROWN

Green won almost every round with ease against what seemed a frightened opponent in Stipe Drews. Drews looked like he was waiting for some game plan of his to take place but this never eventuated. More will be included here as the story unfolds.

Comments by some in Australian forums

Green seen here difficultly landing a right cross due to height difference against Drews


Daniel Geale: IBO Middleweight Boxing World Champion! (Smeaton Grange, Sydney: 15th December 2007) GRANGE OLD SCHOOL

 BOXING and Australian boxing fans have a new world champion after Daniel Geale won the vacant IBO Middleweight Boxing World Title with a unanimous twelve round points decision over Daniel Dawson on Friday night 14th December 2007 at the at Wests Campbelltown Club in Leumeah, NSW.

26 year-old Daniel Geale, originally from Launceston, Tasmania and now residing in Mt Annan, NSW won a thrilling ‘fight of the year’ contender on points with judge’s scores of 120-110, 120-110 and 119-109.
Both Geale and 30 year-old Daniel Dawson from Perth, were undefeated going into the fight.

A Gold medallist at the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games, Daniel Geale’s professional boxing record is now 18 wins, 0 losses and 12 wins by knockout.
The Geale vs. Dawson IBO middleweight world title fight at 72.57kg or 160lbs was promoted by Grange Old School Boxing and was televised live around Australia on FOX SPORTS 3


Peter Maniatis ending 2007 and has plans for 2008:

On December 22nd Peter Maniatis travels to Thailand to visit Sonchai Ratanasuban Gym as his guest in Bangkok and attend a boxing promotion as a VIP guest of Sonchai.
Maniatis will then fly on to Manila Philippines and meet up with world class referee Bruce McTavish and also work to set up a Philippines vs Australia national boxing cup in Melbourne on March 14.
Maniatis will also meet up with Philippines biggest manager Wakee Salud and Superstar Manny Pacquiao to discuss a visit to Australia while he is in Manila.
Peter will then travel to Los angeles to visit Freddie roach at the wild card gym and also spend some time at the pound for pound gym with Justin fortune, he also plans to visit the main boxing gyms in Las Vegas.
The whole trip will take 5 weeks and Maniatis will have a camera with him to take rare inside gym footage and interviews for the C31 KO boxing show.
Young Victor

YVB loves KOBOXING on channel 31.

Hamdan may get shot at Mundine

Jamie Pandaram December 15, 2007
LUCK might finally be smiling on the career of Nader Hamdan, with world champion Anthony Mundine considering a defence of his crown against the hardened veteran....

Boxing: Hopkins vows 'white boy' Calzaghe will fall in showdown
5 days ago
LAS VEGAS, Nevada, (AFP) — Bernard Hopkins, vowing never to lose to a "white boy", and unbeaten Welshman Joe Calzaghe traded verbal jabs Friday in their first face-to-face meeting ahead of a US-British showdown next year....

Dawson/Geal weighin today

PROFESSIONAL boxers will be required to have blood tests every six months under a new law introduced in State Parliament yesterday.
Fighters taking part in combat sports such as boxing, muay thai (or kickboxing) and some mixed martial arts contests such as full-contact karate will be regularly screened for blood-borne infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B and C. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

Mundine wins easily an easy fight

Briggs swings in behind an all out attack from Green
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
LIGHT-heavyweight Paul Briggs has come out swinging in favour of Danny Green, claiming the West Australian will win the World Boxing Association title on ...

Mundine fight draws impressive crowd
Email Printer friendly version Normal font Large font December 10, 2007 - 9:49PM
Anthony Mundine's world title defence against Jose Alberto Clavero in Sydney was billed as a hopeless mis-match, but The Man still drew an impressive crowd, including disgraced former AFL star Ben Cousins....


Mayweather flattens Hatton to keep welterweight boxing crown

5 hours ago

Check out the fake photo*** The crowd are facing at Mayweather not Hatton.

Can Hatton bounce back from loss to Mayweather? - Boxing
By Brian Doogan They returned home to Manchester, London and all points north and south by the planeload, via Chicago, Dallas, Boston and New York, ...

Ricky Hatton fans

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ricky Hatton's legion of fans proved they'll back him through the good times and the bad.


LAS VEGAS, Nevada (AFP) — Floyd Mayweather stopped England's Ricky Hatton in the 10th round to win a brawling showdown of unbeaten fighters here Saturday, keeping the World Boxing Council welterweight crown.

Mayweather knocked Hatton down with a damaging left to the chin as the British fighter was swinging a punch of his own. Hatton rose but the American star followed with a hammering left hook and a dazed Hatton fell moments later.

"I threw a hook and he walked right into it. He never saw it coming," Mayweather said. "I wanted to show the fans I could punch with power." READ MORE

Floyd Mayweather ends Ricky Hatton's dream

As seen in TimesOnline
Ricky Hatton made a brave stand in his challenge for the World Boxing Council (WBC) and Ring magazine welterweight championships this morning at the MGM Grand Garden Arena but the disparity in class was always apparent and the supreme ring intelligence of Floyd Mayweather, simply and brutally, was too much for him to overcome.

In the 10th round, after Hatton had been subjected to a frustrating and painful beating, Mayweather landed a left hook which knocked Hatton to the floor. He rose, groggily, but Mayweather’s follow-up salvo forced referee Joe Cortez to intervene 35 seconds into the round, just as Hatton fell to the canvas again.

It was a sad end to an electrifying, energising week in which an estimated 20,000-plus travelling support from Britain took over the famous Las Vegas trip, convinced that their man could triumph over the 30-year-old Las Vegas resident, regarded as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

But conquering Mayweather was far beyond the Mancunian, who allowed the highly charged atmosphere to get the better of him. His tactics were flawed and played into the American’s capable hands. Hatton was picked off by precise and damaging punches from early in the fight and his aggression and smothering effort was largely ineffective. By the time of the stoppage, Mayweather was ahead on the judges’ scorecards by margins of 89-81 twice and 88-82, reflective of the champion’s superiority.

Round-by-round commentary
“I feel all right and I felt really big and strong but I left myself open,” Hatton said. “He’s better and more clever on the inside than I thought he was, with the elbows, forearms and the shoulders he used. I felt all right till he got me with the cut [in the third round]. I thought I was doing well and was in the fight. I didn’t stick to my game-plan. I don’t think he’s the hardest puncher but he was more clever. I’ll be back, don’t worry. Sorry everybody.”

Hatton had nothing to apologise for, he simply encountered a better man. David Beckham and Tom Jones, who sang the national anthem, led a host of stars at ringside, including Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Tiger Woods, Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Leonard and Will Farrell but the real star of the show was Mayweather. From the moment he caught Hatton with a left hook as he came in early in the opening round, it was clear that he had Hatton’s measure. Predictably, Hatton gave it his all, constantly moving forward and trying to bore in to a position up close where he thought that he could unload on the champion's head and torso. But Mayweather was too fast and, ultimately, too powerful.

A big right hand stopped Hatton in his tracks in the second round and, despite landing with a right and left hook inside in the third, the Mancunian was struck over his right eye by a slashing right hand which opened a cut just over the eyelid. Cutsman Mick Williamson, his cuts man, staunched the flow of blood into Hatton’s eye between rounds.

In the fourth and fifth rounds Hatton managed to close the distance and Mayweather did not inflict any major damage but, controversially, in the sixth the referee deducted a point from Hatton, apparently for aiming a rabbit punch at the back of Mayweather’s head. But the right hand which Hatton threw after Mayweather had turned his back actually connected with the top rope and Hatton was disgusted by the referee’s actions, showing his backside to Mayweather in response.

ayweather raised his performance in the eight round, opening up on Hatton with impunity, causing the challenger’s legs to buckle with a big right cross to the chin. He sickened Hatton further with hard and fast jabs in the ninth and in the 10th he threw his left hook they way that Sugar Ray Robinson used to do. It caught Hatton on the point of the jaw and he went down. He got up unsteadily but the referee allowed him to continue after he issued a mandatory eight-count. Mayweather moved in for the finish, landing two left hooks and a right hand to the chin and missing with a left as the referee waved it over, Hatton teetering over and landing flat on his back from the delayed effects of Mayweather’s final onslaught.

“He’s definitely the toughest competitor I’ve ever faced,” said the winner, graciously. But Mayweather was tough, too, and just too good.


Young Victor's Gaff:

This was a classic fight by a brilliant boxer with an average punch wearing down his opponent that only had one option and single way of winning this fight.
Naturally when some of the steam in Hatton wore down Floyd got on top and achieved in an expertly way a ko.
I expected Mayweather to win on points if the fight went the distance, now we know it was inevitable.
I would have been just as impressed with this fight if Hatton succeeded in scoring a ko as he is a natural fighter and that was what he wanted.
This was a classic example for any one of you young fighters out there that anyone can get knocked out by ANY boxer if hit in the right place at the right time, it happens at all skill levels of boxing.
Just like it is every boxer's intention to get a fighter to the stage where he can hit him with a perfect punch or last the distance and win on points.
I reckon this was the FIGHT OF THE YEAR
by Young Victor


Hatton's dream brings British theme on eve of boxing showdown
16 hours ago

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (AFP) — Singing supporters of Ricky Hatton helped build the excitement here Friday on the eve of an epic welterweight title showdown between the Englishman and fellow unbeaten Floyd Mayweather.
US veteran Mayweather, 38-0 with 24 knockouts, will defend his World Boxing Council crown against Hatton, 43-0 with 31 knockouts, in a showcase event that has already seen sparks fly...

click above to read more.

Hotels......Where to see the Hatton/Matweather Superfight LIVE .....

click to see

Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Challenger Ricky Hatton
In another superfight, Main Event Television in Australia will broadcast "UNDEFEATED" - the World Boxing Council (WBC) welterweight championship match between World Champion and Pound for Pound the best boxer today Floyd Mayweather Jr and British star Ricky Hatton LIVE on Sunday 9 December from 1:00pm AEDT.
Both men are undefeated pound for pound world class boxers with impressive knockout records.
30 year-old Floyd Mayweather Jr from Grand Rapids, USA has won six world titles in five weight divisions and has had 38 wins, 0 losses and 24 knockout victories.
29 year-old Ricky Hatton from Manchester, England is the current junior welterweight world champion and his record stands at 43 wins, 0 losses and 31 knockout victories.
The main event and undercard at the world famous MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, USA are available on pay-per-view from MAIN EVENT TELEVISION via FOXTEL, OPTUS and AUSTAR. Replays will be screened on the same day at 6:30pm and 10:30pm AEDT.
Please make note of this major boxing match for your television guides. by Paul Upham



On Fox television called Angelo Hyder's promotion a serious event repeated itself against a gentleman boxer from Japan Yoshinori Nishizawa. Chris Anderson referee in what has become a circus once again lets Sonni Michael Angelo get away with non conforming to the Marquis of Queensberry rules which have been regulating boxing for many years. This savage style fighter should not be allowed to fight again in Australia as he does not fight in the same manner we all have had to contend with to be fair to what was known to be a gentleman's sport.

Commentator (former World champion) Jeff Fenech made comments during the event that he should be praised for and definitely taken notice of or boxing will not last on television very much longer.

We want to see fights fought in a fair manner not fighters being held in a position where they get hit in the back of the head and head butting that open up huge gashes that force fights to be stopped by technical draws. This fight should have been awarded a win to the Yoshinori Nishizawa and Angelo disqualified.

De La Hoya Picks Hatton Over Mayweather
29.11.07 - Matthew Hurley: As the World Boxing Council welterweight showdown between Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather fast approaches an interested observer, Oscar De La Hoya, has been whispering in the challenger’s ear. De La Hoya...

Young Victor Boxing wins on eBay  60's Fights at Sydney Stadium (The Old Tin Shed at Rushcutters Bay)

What was known to be a golden period in Boxing is now stored by Young Victor in a safe place to be worked on and restored to today's technology for future generations in our great sport of Boxing.

This is going to be a somewhat long project as YV is going to make sure he does not bungle this up as too many people are interested in what is contained in this package.

YV himself fought in  a 12 rounder in Sydney Stadium in 1961 which turned out wrongly due to ladies fingernail polish spread over his eyes which prompted legend referee Vic Patrick to stop the fight unnecessarily but Vic hardly thinks his fight was in one of the untitled 16mm footage that has a number of unlisted fights in it. click here to see the list

World of Boxing Journal (December edition) is now on newsagents shelves

This is Australia's informative monthly journal which covers fights in all states.

In this edition there is a story of my friend Bryan Membrey with his son Damian.

The publisher Ray wheatley called them appropriately a "WINNING TEAM"



Leisure Centre, Thomastown, Vic Sunday 25th November 2007

by Damian Membrey

Local Trainer/Promoters Louie Korica and Charlie Liparota moved their Promotional Team to the Thomastown Recreation Centre, Thomastown, where over 800 fight fans witnessed some great action in the 6 fight Promotion
Jnr Middleweight 6x3
Pat Rullo 67.9kgs Win TKO 1:19 Round 6 Over Matt Williams 67.3kgs
Pat Rullo, making his Pro debut turned up the heat and excited the crowd in the opening 6 round contest against durable Matt Williams. Rullo is trained by former local Champion Glenn Walsh and also had former IBF World Champion Barry Michael in the corner providing him with the winning instructions. Williams had Rullo on the back move in the first round, but the well schooled Rullo came home strong and punched too hard and too often to win the contest by stoppage in the 6th.
Middleweight 8x3
Matt Shaw 72.4kgs Win Split Points Over Chris Collard 72.5kgs
Scores: 78/75, 78/77, 75/77
Queenslander Matt Shaw had too much skill for local boy Chris Collard. Shaw’s footwork and accurate jabbing made it easy for the Judges to award him the 8x3 fight. Collard has the heart of a lion and kept bustling his taller opponent but just could get the big shots to land – mainly due to Shaw’s handy footwork.
Catchweight 6x3
Serge Yannick 75.6kgs Win TKO 2:55 Round 5 Over Niusila Seiuli 77.8kgs
After coming off a win earlier this year against current OPBF Champion Wayne Parker Jnr, Serge Yannick had too much power for his game opponent Niusila Seiuli and the fight was halted nearing the end of the 5th by Seiuli’s corner. Yannick displayed poise and power far beyond a fighter in only his 2nd Pro fight and will make an interesting opponent for anyone in the Super Middle division.
WBF Asia Pacific Super Welterweight Title 10x2
Nigel Snart 68.4kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Dion McNabney 69.1kgs
Scores: 98/95, 97/94, 96/94
Local Boy Nigel Snart, on the comeback trail boxed brilliantly to easily outpoint Dion McNabney over 10x2.
Catchweight 8x3
Heath Stenton 79.6kgs Win Majority Points Over Charles Njock 79.3kgs
Scores: 76/76, 77/75, 80/72
Fight of the night has to go to Heath Stenton and Charles Njock over 8x3. Stenton was a late substitution for stable mate Kane McKay, who had to withdraw due to illness. Stenton’s aggressive approach in this fight kept Njock unsettled and despite wearing some heavy blows was able to convince the Juges that he won the fight.
Cruiserweight 6x3
Zdravko Micevic 83.0kgs Win Split Points Over James Chan 84.7kgs
Scores; 57/56, 58/55, 57/58

Headlining the Promotion was Zdravco Micevic who took on the durable James Chan over 6 rounds. Chan’s relentless style was always going to test Micevic in only his 3rd Pro outing. At the end of the 6 rounds Micivic’s work rate and mobility had all 3 Judges award him the contest, but this was no easy fight and Promoters Korica and Liparota should be congratulated in wanting to test their charge.

Peter Maniatis Fights 16 Nov. at Malvern Town Hall

a great success

What eventuated into a great fight-night took place at the Hall last night 16th Nov 07 and satisfied all comers thirst for good performances by all fighters.

The fights were all well matched and Peter once again proves to be a good force for Victorian and Australian Boxing.

Jon Walker caught up with Anont Donpradith in the 9th round to win by TKO when Chris Anderson had to intervene with Donpradith very wobbly by Jon's savage attacks.

Donpradith made a very good account of himself right up to the end of this fight and did prove a very worthy opponent.

Shannon McMahon drew with Jakkirt Suwunnalirt in what seemed a close win to Shannon, he in fact said he coasted the last round as he thought he had it in the bag, however the judges saw it differently and awarded a draw. Most people thought that Shannon got home.

Suwunnalirt has shown that his experiences have certainly had a positive toll on his skills as he is certainly an improved fighter/boxer.

We must add that some experienced officials but not participating saw Suwunnalirt a clear winner.

Paz fights with broken toe

Paz Viejo made a terrific effort in upsetting the polished boxer Luke Moloney but Luke's more accurate punching got him there on the judges scorecards. This was also a very entertaining fight and Paz is certainly having a good go in trying to improve his performances.

Visiting the change rooms after this fight it was seen that Paz had fought with a broken and with a huge tissue ripped off his right toe and was bleeding profusely, he said he had it attended to before the fight at some hospital and was an inpatient for some 3-4 days. Full credit must go to this man for gallantly taking the fight on at all.

Lincoln Stewart makes a successful return to boxing
With 100% body condition Lincoln was having his first fight coming back from his last fight in July 2002 and destroyed his opponent in the first round. The referee Chris Anderson had no option but to stop the fight as Linc was performing like a thrashing machine seemingly unstoppable. Lincoln is now 28 years of age.

This fighter has shown that his skills are still intact and hopefully he can prove to sustain longer fights when the time comes.  boxing video clips watch video.
A few of VIP's at ringside were Gus Mercurio, Neil and his son Heath Ellis, Brian Amatruda, Vanessa Amarosi, Paul Ferreri,  Aussie actor Ken James and more.
by Young Victor

Rising superstar "pretty boy" George did an exhibition on the pads - and watch out any 10 year olds out there George means business..
There was also an am exhibition featuring the son of "Hot Rod" Carr and Arron Bundy. Looks like his dad has schooled him well...  Congratulations should go to Promoter Peter Maniatis who again put on a great night of Boxing & entertainment and great to see Pop sensation Vanessa Amorosi at ringside....

by Damian Membrey

Daniel "Porky" Lovett in winning mode at the recent Dandenong venue by Barry Michael / Bryan Amatruda 20 Oct in Victoria.

Dandenong Basketball Centre 20th Oct 2007 Read about it and watch videos.

Porky surrounded by the Slatter team with prettyboy George as mascot.


1960's Fights at Sydney Stadium

click here to see

A huge bank of 16mm film rolls are being auctioned on EBay and should end up in our (ANBHOF) the Australian National Boxing Hall Of Fame.

A savior is required here to buy this and donate it to its rightful place.

Young Victor will be bidding for this to ensure its safety followed by sensible protection and distribution.


Bika Wins Contender Title in Thriller
Sakio Bika TKO'd Jaidon Codrington in round eight to capture The Contender: Season Three title in the most entertaining fight in Contender history. In round one, Bika dropped Codrington, then Codrington came right back and knocked down Bika. From beginning to end, both fighters were looking for a KO with almost every punch. Combine that with an almost complete lack of effective defense from either fighter and you've got the formula for a crowd-pleasing slugfest.
Both men were rocked on numerous occasions and it appeared the fight could end at any moment. In round eight, Bika's non-stop attack was finally too much for Codrington and referee Dick Flaherty jumped in to stop the action at the 2:18 mark with Codrington still on his fight but reeling around the ring and absorbing lots of punishment. As Contender champ, Bika takes home the $750,000 first prize. A rematch is definitely in order. If you missed the fight, check your local listings and try to catch a replay -- you won't be disappointed.

Calzaghe unifies super-middleweight boxing title
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Undefeated Joe Calzaghe added Mikkel Kessler's World Boxing Assn. and World Boxing Council super-middleweight titles to his own World Boxing Organization ...


Photo credit: Sumio Yamada

Photo credit: Sumio Yamada



Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame GALA DINNER

 13 October 2007


YVB is now  showing a video of this glorious evening on this website now that it has been edited and produced.

This was without a doubt the best of all gala dinners to date and was held in the heart of Melbourne's main sports stadium "Melbourne Cricket Ground" also known as the MCG where the grand final of the AFL took place.

The President Gus Mercurio, Brett Mc'Cormick and Frank Marr  the Vice President and secretary (in that order) were the main organizers of this unforgettable evening.

Australia's cream of Boxing's legends gathered all in one place and were happy to sign autographs for everyone that requested. by Young Victor

 boxing **Video**

YV may add here that this is no professionally made video and not easy on the eyes and furthermore YV does not have the luxury of help with identifying all attendees, only the ones he knows himself. YV is sure that despite the video is not of good quality it is better than nothing done.

Damian Membrey's comment:

Great night for Australian Boxing was had on Saturday night at the 6th Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame induction dinner held in the prestigious members dining room at the “home” of Australian Sport, the MCG.......

Jeff's just jealous, says Man
Anthony Mundine, who has been sidelined from the ring since August, limbers up before a training run in Sydney's south on Friday.
Brad Walter
October 21, 2007
ANTHONY MUNDINE is fed up with the constant barbs from boxing great Jeff Fenech and has decided to hit back.......

WBO World Heavyweight Boxing Championship
Champion Sultan Ibragimov vs. Challenger Evander Holyfield
When it comes to heavyweight boxing, there has been few bigger names over the last 20 years than Evander "Real Deal" Holyfield . The former undisputed world champion and boxing legend makes one final charge at regaining his title crown when he challenges unbeaten WBO world heavyweight champion Sultan Ibragimov this weekend. Main Event Television will broadcast in Australia this special championship match LIVE from Moscow, Russia this coming Sunday 14 October 2007 from 3:00am AEST.by Paul Upham

Kali Meehan moves closer to WBA World Title

WBA #15 heavyweight Kali "Checkmate" Meehan (33-3, 27 KOs) broke open a competitive fight with a sixth round TKO of WBA #4 DaVarryl "Touch Of Sleep" Williamson (24-5, 20 KOs). Meehan floored Williamson with a crushing right at the end of the sixth. Williamson beat the count, but was ruled unfit to continue by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Barry Jordan of the New York State Athletic Commission. "I was never going to lost this fight," said Meehan. "I felt better tonight than I did the night I almost stopped Lamon Brewster [for the WBO heavyweight championship]."

David Martin Warr  Photographer  Don King Productions (conditions apply)

David Martin Warr  Photographer  Don King Productions (conditions apply)

Pacquiao pummels Barrera in super featherweight boxing fight
LAS VEGAS (AFP) — Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao continued his mastery over veteran Marc Antonio Barrera Saturday with unanimous 12-round decision in ...


Great person and always putting in a good effort made his last appearance as he retired from his fight with Tim Bell and boxing.
I will have the fight on YVB tomorrow to be seen by all fans.
A happy Tiger Tim Bell showed his respect to Sean immediately after the fight ended with Sean unable to continue in during the rest after round 8
GOOD LUCK SEAN hope we see more of you after boxing. by Young Victor

By Damian Membrey:

Yes, Sean... THANKYOU for providing the Australian Boxing Industry with your your efforts over the years. Regardless of titles you are a CHAMPION inside and outside of the ring.
I wish you all the best in your future and hope you stay involved with Boxing in some way.

MAINEVENT - "WILL TO WIN!" - Filipino vs. Mexican Boxing Grudge Match

 read more

Hlatshwayo vs. Medley + Dawson vs. Geale 12 October 2007
(Smeaton Grange, Sydney: 3rd October 2007) - GRANGE OLD SCHOOL BOXING will promote an incredible boxing card containing two world title fights on Friday evening 12th October 2007 in the outdoor pavilion at the Panthers Leagues Club in Penrith, NSW, Australia.


Pavlik's win kicks off exciting fights this fall
Second, the event marked the return of big-time boxing to the beach. Once the site of bouts such as Mike Tyson against Larry Holmes and Michael Spinks ...
Video shown here has been made unavailable.

Pavlik Victorious photo by Sumio Yamada

CATUBAY WARNS DARCHINYAN NOT TO RUN: Tough-as-nails former RP flyweight champ Federico Catubay yesterday sent a warning to former IBF/IBO flyweight boss Vic Darchinyan, asking the latter to avoid riding on his bicycle when they trade leathers on October 20 for the vacant IBO superflyweight title.

Friends fly to help Darchinyan
TWO of Australia's Beijing Olympic hopefuls have been called in to help former world champ Vic Darchinyan for his comeback bout next month.
Dual Olympian Bradley Hore and Commonwealth Games rep Nathan di Carlo will hit Sydney this week to help Darchinyan round out his preparation for his return to boxing against Filipino Federico Catubay at the Auburn RSL on October 20.
Darchinyan lost his IBF and IBO flyweight crowns, as well as his unbeaten record, with a shock KO to another Filipino, Nonito Donaire, in July and is not taking Catubay lightly.
The Aussie's trainer, Billy Hussein, says Catubay is being treated as a very hungry contender determined to make a name for himself at Darchinyan's expense.
as seen on News.com.au


as seen in Philboxing.com


Heath Ellis a brilliant unbeaten Victorian Champion and is following the route of his uncle former world champion Lester Ellis.

Young Victor believes that with the care he is getting in slowly moving up the ladder towards the grail of boxing, Heath will one day arrive at his destination.

This may be too early to predict as in boxing so many unforeseeable things can go wrong.

Heath is only 19 years of age and already holds the Jr. Welterweight Title of Victoria and is rated No8 in the Australian ratings.

Heath will be fighting James Swan over 8 rounds and will be setting his targeted ambitions in order if he wins.

Swan is a seasoned fighter of  16 fights and although his win/lose record is not by any means brilliant he has held Gairy St Clair to a draw over 10 rounds in 2003 and a points loss over 12 rounds with Michael Kadsidis along with two fights with Naoufel Ben Rabah.

A lot is hanging on this result as Heath knows very well its his first big step in the national rankings.

by Young Victor



The KO punch as it happens: Heath Ellis throwing the left hook that ended proceedings against

Brian Fogarty while fighting for the vacant Victorian Jnr. Welterweight Title in July 2007

(photos by Werner Kalin) see venue above.

The Contender: Episode 4 Recap!
September 25, 2007 By Matt Richardson
Super middleweight Wayne Johnsen bucked the trend and scored a win for the blue team when he won a five-round unanimous decision over Miguel Hernandez in Tuesday night's episode of "The Contender" on ESPN....

Out of next week's bout! (UK news)
Audley Harrison was involved in a head on collision while driving home after training yesterday.

Tarver Will Give Green His Chance
By EDDIE DANIELS The Tampa Tribune
Published: Sep 21, 2007
TAMPA - According to Tampa light heavyweight Antonio Tarver, Australian boxer Danny Green is getting the opportunity of a lifetime.

Arce KOs Rojas
Former light flyweight and flyweight boxing champion Jorge Arce (47-4-1, 36 KOs) , fighting for the first time at bantamweight, looked positively dreadful as he rallied to defeat unheralded Tomas Rojas (26-11 18 KOs) in a sixth round TKO on Sunday night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The West Australian government is under mounting pressure to outlaw next month's planned cage fighting tournament in Perth.

 Mayweather and Hatton press conference

Young Victor Boxing News 

photo by Sumio Yamada see Floyd Mayweather in Dancing with the Stars

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The Contender: Episode 3 Recap!

By Matt Richardson September 18, 2007

Sam Soliman kept the gold team's unbeaten record intact when he won a unanimous five-round decision over Max Alexander on Tuesday night's episode of "The Contender." Alexander went down in the fourth after taking a right. Judges scorecards read 50-44, 49-45 and 48-46 all for Soliman.
Alexander seemed to hold his own in the first as he ducked many of Soliman's wild, wide shots. Soliman, however, devised a tactic with his teammates to have them cheer for him at the 30-second mark of each round, allowing him to rally and steal some rounds.
An accidental head butt in the second left both men with minor cuts over their left eyes. Alexander spit out his mouthpiece in the third after taking two hard uppercuts. He recuperated well though, badly rocking Soliman with an uppercut and two hard rights at the conclusion of the round.
Alexander protested the quick knockdown in the fourth when his glove hit the floor but he was too defensive in the final round as Soliman continued to back up his taller opponent.
Soliman now moves on in the tournament while Alexander heads home.
In other news, Jaidon Codrington was ranked number one in the power rankings after his second round knockout over Brian Vera in the previous week's episode. According to "Sugar" Ray Leonard the only way Codrington won't end up fighting in the semi-finals is if the other four fights end in knockouts faster than Codrington's.

Results of the first round of fights to date are as follows:

1. Jaidon Codrington TKO 2 Brian Vera
2. Sam Soliman W U 5 Max Alexander
As seen on http://www.fightnews.com/contender3_3.htm


Decision Reversed yet again: 17th. Sep. Shannon Taylor's win decision over Sonny Michael Angelo has been reversed  back to the original one made which was a technical draw by accidental head butt. Details yet to become clear.

Taylor wins by DQ! September 15, 2007

By Ray Wheatley -- "World of Boxing"

Former world middleweight challenger Shannan Taylor (46-6-2, 31 KOs) captured the WBF 160 pound title when he defeated Sonni Michael Angelo (14-6-0, 5 KOs) by disqualification in round one at the Cronulla Leagues club, Cronulla, NSW, Australia on Friday.


Daniel "porky" Lovett's highly anticipated fight with Les Sherrington set for 20th October has been called off under instructions from his doctor.

Promoter Barry Michael informed YVB  that a replacement is being negotiated and we will keep you informed of any substituted fight that may be available.

Contender series on Fox starring Sakio and Sammy FOX8 today announced it has secured the exclusive Australian television rights for the third season of hit US reality series The Contender from Mark Burnett Productions, ESPN and DreamWorks Television. Featuring two champion Australian boxers, the exciting new season will launch October 1, premiering Mondays at 9.30pm, on FOX8.....

Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame GALA DINNER

 13 October 2007

 The dinner will be held at Melbourne's premier Stadium ballroom the MCG

Boxing legend  Emile Griffith will be in attendance.

Michael O'Brien is bringing to Australia this true legend and to the ANBHOF Gala Dinner. Emile Griffith became  World welterweight champion in April 1961 beating Benny "kid" Paret but lost it back to Paret 5 months later. He continued to win it back from Ralph Dupas in July 1962 he went on to win  the WBA welterweight title and WBC welterweight title and again World Welterweight Title. He lost them in 1967 to win them back in the same year, after which he had a further 49 fights but although he fought back for his titles he never managed to win them back. He was a true fighter everyone should be proud of meeting.

People wanting to attend need to contact Mr Frank Maher tel. 9478 3578 fax 9470 4402.

Get your photo taken with your favorite boxing champion or boxing legend "Click to see"

PPBA Past and Present Boxers Reunion was another success:

Yesterday 9th. September another reunion organized by the usual suspects Mario Magris and Bobby Liddle along with their committee took place at the Spotswood RSL.

Amongst the veterans was Sam Soliman with his lovely wife Maria, Sam has returned to Australia whilst waiting for the next move by the Contender Fight Reality Elimination Tournament in which he is included.

Many old time fighters like Jimmy Hill were there and a great time was experienced by everyone as shown on the video right here on YVB.......Click to see   boxing Victor had a good chat with friend he didn't know he had in Gerry Ward along with Len Ermil and Manny Benson. Barry Michael with his lovely wife Sue was also there but left before the video was taken.


Bonanza of boxing mags hit the streets in OZ:

WORLD OF BOXING Journal Today arrived in YV's letterbox and is full of boxing news about our Aussie champions, state by state and important fights abroad, read about the progress of the boxing game.

FIST MAGAZINE Today YV received his copy and suggests you get it.

The new September issue of the FIST magazine in now out on news agent's shelves with the usual detailed, Aussie and international boxing event stories, state by state.

The “Great” Katsidis wants Pacquiao showdown

Australian boxing people to wake up and take a stand

The furor over brutal mismatches featuring Filipino boxers in Australia raised by Sydney-based Filipinos and exposed by Viva Sports/Manila Standard Today has seen leading Australian boxing people to wake up and take a stand. read.......  more from link

Controversy on Zdravco Mirevic previous experience on our Aussie Forum.

26th August 2007: Over last nights stoppage win over  Kiwi Colin Hunia has caused some rightly squabble on the mentioning of his acquittal at the courts of his accidental ending of the life of famous cricketer David Hooks.

Mirevic is still a youth at the ripe age of 25 and was only 21 when it happened, as we all know that is a period of discovery, an age when a boxer is still discovering how dangerous it is to hit anyone outside the ring with bare knuckles.

Does anyone reading this seriously think that any normal youth especially a sportsman would hit somebody deliberately with intention to kill? give me a break, and leave this man alone he still has a life to live, his life is carrying something not easy to live with. These things happen in the ring, accidents do happen everywhere.

Mirevic's task is hard enough to live with. and sportswriters have to place it as they see it. by Young Victor

Ndou: First Medley, then Mayweather by Ray Wheatley


Lovemore Ndou is about to embark on a part-time job as Floyd Mayweather's main sparring partner but it's his current gym mate that's occupying most of his focus.
Ndou is presently sparring Rob Medley (18-0, 12 KOs) ahead of the lanky coal miner's IBO welterweight title fight with South African Isaac Hlatshwayo (26-1, 9 KOs) on October 12 at Panthers Leagues Club at Penrith, west of Sydney.
Hlatshwayo is  pictured beating Nate Campbell.

Zdravko stops Hunia

Zdravko Micevic, the former bouncer acquitted over the death of cricket great David Hookes, wasted no time winning his second pro fight last night.
The 25-year-old stopped Kiwi Colin Hunia in two rounds at Springer's Leisure Centre, in Keysborough, Melbourne.
The fight ended at 1min 56sec of the round and followed Micevic’s six-round decision over Queenslander Wes Ryder on debut in April.
The 42-year-old Hunia is now 11-10 (2 KOs). He boasts a win over fellow veteran, the well performed Sean Sullivan in 2005, and is a former New Zealand cruiserweight champ.
On the same card, middleweight Chris Collard stopped Fili Mailata in round three on the three-knockdown rule.
Junior-middle Nigel Snart outpointed Dion McNabney for a majority decision over six and featherweights Emmanuel Micallef and Leigh Lindgren drew over six.... by Ray Wheatley on SportsNut.com.au

 Need for promoters involvement in Young Victor Boxing

Peter Maniatis is a good example of a diligent, helpful promoter and deserves all the publicity he gets on YVB. of course he isn't the only one that is helpful, there are others, but there is a need for more.

He keeps YVB informed of all his shows and reserves a location at ringside so YVB can do their job of informing boxing fans of all upcoming boxing venues and other news necessary to help the game and give all the boxing youngsters having a go some fame for their efforts.

Peter informs Victor and his assistants of weigh-ins, sends a copy of fight-cards and likes to promote all the fighters he has under his wing.

All promoters have this facility open to them and all they have to do is contact YVB and the rest just looks after itself.

Typical of some people, think that Young Victor is gaining by running this website "well" let me tell you this website costs more to run than they think and YV considers it as his contribution to boxing in return for what he got out of it.

Nothing else. Read more  Peter Maniatis  by Young Victor

Jeff Fenech ON  KO BOXING Channel 31

Excusive to YVB

Tuesday night at 10pm. Melbourne time an interview with triple World Champion Jeff Fenech will be taking place. This will include his life story and his boxing career.

The show is hosted by Peter Maniatis. by Young Victor


2000 Olympic Games and 2001 AFL Grand Final national anthem singer to be singing at the Malvern Town Hall

Pop singer Vanessa Amarosi will be singing the Australian National Anthem at the next boxing venue being held at the Malvern Town Hall on November 16th. Amarosi is a great boxing fan. Although the fight-card is not yet available fighters Shannon McMahon, Luke Maloney, Paz Viego, Matt Powell and Kerey Palmer and more will be scrapping on the night. by Young Victor


"Talk of fight between Manny Pacquiao and Michael kadsidis does not make sense"

Talk of a fight between these fighters by some media does not make sense as they are in different divisions, why would the pacman risk fighting a heavier opponent like Michael when he has much bigger drawcards to fight in his own division.

Michael Kadsidis has more to gain by cleaning up his own back yard first if he is to build his name further in the World class scene. by Young Victor

Media heavyweights back Darchinyan-Catubay

Two of Australia’s leading sportswriters have backed Vic Darchinyan’s choice of modestly performed Filipino Federico Catubay as his comeback opponent following the shock loss to Nonito Donaire (pictured).
Southpaw slugger Darchinyan (28-1, 22 KOs) returns to the ring on October 20 against the former Filipino flyweight champ Catubay (20-13-3, 11 KOs) in Sydney for the vacant IBO super-flyweight crown.
Darchinyan lost his IBF and IBO flyweight titles to Donaire in Connecticut last month in what was his first loss since dropping a decision to Bulat Jumadilov of Kazakhstan in a quarter-final at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.... with Ray Wheatley

Qld considers tighter boxing regulation
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
He said the Australian Medical Association had also put boxing safety in the spotlight when it criticised Anthony Mundine for fighting an opponent who it ...

Larsen cruises past Hamdan by EastsideBoxing.com

Bell wins Australian title from Bargero Tiger Tim Bell is the new Australian light-heavyweight champion after winning a unanimous 10-round decision over veteran Marc Bargero at Melbourne’s Dallas Brooks Hall.

On the same card Costa Chondros stopped James Ellis in six for the Australian supercruiserweight title.
Wwelterweight Matthew Paulley outpointed Shannon McMahon over six and Jonny Walker stopped Bruce Glozier in three..... with Ray Wheatley

Billy Dib v Jorge Linares WBC title fight November 10
Aussie sensation Billy Dib will fight Jorge Linares for the WBC featherweight title at New York’s Madison Square Garden on November 10....


Jeff Harding’s amazing comeback - By Johnny Lewis

By Johnny Lewis, trainer of five world champions
I’m anticipating this Friday night to be one of the proudest moments of my 50 years in boxing.
We have a very special guest at a fundraising night at the Woolloomooloo PCYC.
After many years of struggling with his own personal demons, a fighter who means so much to me will be the very special guest speaker on what shapes as one of the great nights of my career.

Jeff Harding, the two-time light-heavyweight champion of the world and the man my old cornerman Grantlee Kieza christened The Hitman, will be our special guest to tell us about his great moments in the fight game and his biggest fight to get his life on track again.

Mundine out of hospital Anthony Mundine has left hospital vowing to return to the boxing ring and beat his serious eye infection.

Pinoy pugs mauled in Australia

FILIPINO boxers fighting out of Sydney, Australia continue to get massacred in horrendous mismatches, prompting Filipinos residing in Australia to appeal to to this writer to inform the Games and Amusements Board about what is going on and to ask chairman Eric Buhain to take action.

World of Boxing Journal

Naming someone a Champion is no insult especially when done as a guesture

   Ray Wheatley

by Young Victor:

In the recent World of Boxing journal this blocked photo appeared and has possibly turned up a few noses going by some of the feelings I am getting from some forum armchair comment makers.

I have felt I needed to comment on it on my own website to get the records straight.

This was done by my very nice and respected friend Ray Wheatley (editor of World of Boxing Journal) whom I recognize as one of the most knowledgeable men in Australian Boxing.

Ray has done this as a gift in return for my advertising his paper on my website for some years now of my own accord.

When Ray asked me what I wanted on it I decided to leave it up to him to put something that would advertise my YoungVictorBoxing website.

He did this and good or bad I like it, I am prepared to back up anything Ray says and also prove him right.

You can see Ray's advert for his journal just here to the left, click on his link and make sure you place an order for his paper which comes out once a month and is full of AUSSIE BOXING he even takes orders by email on line right from here on Young Victor Boxing and sent anywhere.

Thanks Ray with your 50 years in boxing and responsibilities, in my eyes you are the champion.

ANTHONY Mundine has turned to Allah in preparation for the distinct possibility that his boxing career is finished because of a serious eye infection.

August 10, 2007 – Mexico City.
From the office of WBC President Jose Sulaiman:
The winner of the purse offer for WBC light heavyweight world champion Chad Dawson mandatory title defense against Adrian Diaconu was Don King Productions with a bid of $1,385,000.
The other promoters who bid were: Gary Shaw Promotions with $1,300,000, Gankor Promotions with $1,100,000, and Interbox with $454,000.

Katsidis to cheer Filipinos at World Cup with Ray Wheatley

Seen on Aussie forum copy of interview with Michael Kadsidis found around the traps Young Victor

Lionel Rose MBE Recovering From Stroke Brad Vocale

07.08.07 – By Tony Nobbs: Former world bantamweight champion Lionel Edmund Rose MBE left a Melbourne hospital today and is home in Warrugal, country Victoria, recovering from a stroke he suffered last week.

Friends support Lionel Rose after he suffers stroke Lionel is recovering from a stroke he suffered before he was admitted to a Warragul Hospital in West Gippsland after complaining of not feeling well.

Mundine's boxing future in doubt
The West Australian - Perth,Western Australia,Australia
The career of champion Australian boxer Anthony Mundine is in doubt because of a serious eye infection. The WBA super middleweight champion and former rugby ...

Diaz Decisions Morales! "I'm Not Going To Fight Anymore." - Morales

Photo credit: Naoki Fukuda

Lester's hurt still hangs around by Young Victor

Soliman & Bika Make the Cut for "The Contender" series
EastsideBoxing.com - USA
04.08.07 - By Tony Nobbs: World title challengers Sam Soliman and Sakio Bika are the two Australian boxing fighters who made the final cut for the third ...

Holyfield to get 5th world title shot
After the sudden withdrawal of WBA Heavyweight Champion Ruslan Chagaev from his October 13th unification bout with WBO Heavyweight Champion Sultan Ibragimov due to undisclosed medical reasons, Seminole Warriors Boxing, Golden Boy Promotions, Main Events and Golden Grain Promotions, in association with Sampson Lewkowicz and Yuri Federov's Sports Lab, have announced that stepping up to the plate in an attempt to win the heavyweight championship of the world for a fifth time is Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield.
Ibragimov-Holyfield sponsored by Nafta Moskva, will take place on the original date of Ibragimov-Chagaev, Saturday, October 13, at the state of the art Khodynka Arena in Moscow, Russia. Broadcast plans for the bout will be announced once they are secured.


Czar Amonsot finally released from hospital
Filipino boxing star, Czar Amonsot who lost by unanimous decision in a hard-fought war last Saturday, July 21st against Australian Michael Katsidis for the WBO Interim Lightweight Title, has been released from Valley Medical Center in Las Vegas, it was announced today by Golden Boy Promotions.
"Czar (Amonsot) has been released from the hospital and will arrive back in Manila on Saturday morning," said Michael Aldaguer, Amonsot's manager.
"All of us at Golden Boy are really happy that he has been released from the hospital without serious injury," said Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. "We would like to thank all of the boxing fans who have supported Czar and his family with their thoughts and prayers over the past few days.


Danny Green v Roy Jones Jr

Australia's leading third man and Fox Sports boxing analyst Brad Vocale believes Danny Green’s management should target a  fight against fading US legend Roy Jones jnr.
(Green, left, is pictured beating Otis Griffin in his last fight)

With Ray Wheatley


Eastside Talks To Brendan Smith, Trainer - Manager Of Mick Katsidis
01.08.07 - BY TONY PRITCHARD - NOBBS: On July 22 on the under card of Hopkins-Wright, fight fans around the globe witnessed the show casing of one of the fight games most exciting young talents Mick Katsidis, who with Czar Amonsot, waged what has been labeled an epic battle and a "show stealer" by many of the world's press, who previously, were unaware of the WBO interim lightweight champion from Toowoomba, Queensland. With Mick still in the US, we spoke to his trainer-manager Brendan Smith a week after the fight.

Lester Ellis: Fighting the Demons With Ray Wheatley

Lewis slams Tszyu comeback

Boxing: Joe tells Hopkins, 'get in line'
JOE Calzaghe has told Bernard Hopkins to “get in line” if he wants to fight the Welshman – and not to expect any showdown automatically to be in the US.
‘The Executioner’ called out Newbridge’s long-reigning WBO super-middleweight champion after outpointing Ronald ‘Winky’ Wright in Las Vegas at the weekend, suggesting New York’s famous Yankee Stadium in the spring....(read more by clicking headline)

Amonsot hospitalized after fight

LAS VEGAS -- Lightweight boxer Czar Amonsot suffered a bleed on his brain Saturday following his 12-round loss to Michael Katsidis for the WBO interim lightweight title.
Ringside physician Jeff Davidson was concerned by the head blows Amonsot took from Katsidis in the rousing affair and ordered him sent to the hospital for a neurological examination.
Keith Kizer, the executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, said doctors discovered a small subdural hematoma. He said it was not expected to be life threatening, but said Amonsot's career is probably over.
Amonsot, 21, who was knocked down once in the second and again in the 10th, is 18-3-1.

Hopkins too strong for Winky Wright

Boxing] Hopkins defeats Wright

Katsidis overcomes facial cuts to retain title

Katsidis primed to crush Filipino challenger with Ray Wheatley

Mundine questions Calzaghe's cojones WORLD champion Anthony Mundine says he will fight Welshman Joe Calzaghe any time - but only if he ever finds his......

Gomez finishes Gatti.

Porky Lovett's fight is off

Promoter Barry Michael just informed YVB that popular Australian fighter Daniel "porky" Lovett has injured his shoulder and will not continue with preparation for his upcoming fight scheduled for 18th August at the Dandenong Basketball Stadium.

More details will be added as soon as available.

News and Rumours:


Green shatters Griffin with KO in three with Ray Wheatley

Australia’s Danny Green earned a shot at IBO world light-heavyweight champ Antonio Tarver tonight, blasting out Sacramento’s Otis Griffin in three rounds.
Green decked the awkward American three times in the third round to force the stoppage with a punishing performance.
The 34-year-old Green, a former WBC super-middleweight Interim champion, improved to 24-3 (22 KOs).
Griffin fell to 18-2-2.... read more

Green wins title
Australian light heavyweight boxer, Danny Green has defeated American Otis Griffin at Challenge Stadium in Perth.
Green, who has never lost a fight in front of his home fans, never looked in trouble and after landing a left hook on Griffin seconds into the third, floored the former prison guard twice more to secure his 24th professional win.
Immediately after the win Green challenged current IBO champion Antonio Tarver to come to Australia and put his title on the line.

The battle on July 21 between reigning WBA lightweight interim titlist Michael Katsidis and challenger Czar Amonsot will see two protagonists with vastly differing purposes for their native countries.

TONIGHT Danny Green to fight Interim World Title on MAINEVENT

WA boxer Danny Green meets Otis Griffin
The Age, Australia - 16 hours ago
For Danny Green it is a lot more serious. The Perth light-heavyweight be putting his career on the line, again, on Wednesday against the confident American ...

Barry Boy Michael Interview
EastsideBoxing.com - Jul 15, 2007
Just the same I picked Lester, I picked Michael Katsidis from his second professional fight, Paul Briggs the night he beat Adrian Bellin in 2000. ...

Briggs regains his hunger by Ray Wheatley

Darchinyan knocked out  Click to see videos and more in MAIN PAGE

In a huge upset, Nonito Donaire (18-1, 11 KOs) won the IBF and IBO flyweight championships with a fifth round knockout of the previously unbeaten Aussie Vic Darchinyan (28-1, 22 KOs) at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


Vic got beat fairly

Its going to take some time before Vic is ready to fight again without taking the same risk again.
If he does not improve his defense the result will be the same, he is wide open to a hard puncher especially with guys from heavier divisions.
Its obvious that he forgot the basics, probably because of the continuous success he had for so long.
He should think twice about a rematch too soon with Donaire.
I am sure we will see Vic back with titles.

Young Victor


Darchinyan knocked out

In a huge upset, Nonito Donaire (18-1, 11 KOs) won the IBF and IBO flyweight championships with a fifth round knockout of the previously unbeaten Aussie Vic Darchinyan (28-1, 22 KOs) at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
On a day of massive upsets, Donaire outboxed the heavily favoured Darchinyan from the opening bell.
A huge left hook put Darchinyan down for several minutes. Time was :38. Donaire gained revenge for the loss of his brother, Glenn, who had his jaw broken by Darchinyan last year.
On the same card, Joachim Alcine (29-0, 18 KOs) upset hometown favourite Travis Simms (25-1, 19 KOs) to claim the WBA super-welterweight championship. Both fighters lost points for holding and Alcine was credited with a knockdown in round nine when Simms’ glove touched the canvas.
Scores were 114-111, 115-110, 116-109.
Former IBF super-fly titleholder Luis Perez (25-1, 16 KOs) won the vacant IBF bantamweight title with a seventh round knockout of Genaro Garcia (35-6, 20 KOs).
Perez dropped Garcia in round two and finished him with a left hook at :39 of the seventh. 8 Jul 2007
by Ray Wheatley

Why Danny Green can stop Clinton Woods from Ray Wheatley by Howard Leigh

Photo: M.A. Sayer
Photo: M.A. Sayer
Heavyweights Aldo Colliander and Olympic gold medalist Odlanier Solis share a moment of levity at today's weigh-in, however it will be all business when they collide tomorrow night on "FightNight III" in the Arena Gym. Twelve heavyweights are on the card.

Aldo is an up and coming heavyweight, he had offered YVB to come to Australia and fight here, YV had contacted Peter maniatis but at that stage heavyweights were scarce.

Aldo has now worked his way up and Yv wishes him all the best for his fight today 8th Jul. 07

Vic Darchinyan and Nonito Donaire at the weighin - The Darchinyan v Donaire fight will be televised live into Australia exclusively on Sky Channel from 10am, Sunday July 8 - photo. Tom Casino (Showtime)

Mundine does it easy

Anthony Mundine retained his WBA super-middleweight title against rookie Pablo Daniel Zamora Nievas of Argentina at the Convention Centre in Broadbeach on Australia’s Gold Coast last night.
Mundine won easily, but after impressive victories over Danny Green and Sam Soliman, showed little too worry the division’s top names Joe Calzaghe and Mikkel Kessler.
The Australian (75.5kg) was far too sharp and experienced for Nievas (75.9kg) who had never gone beyond six rounds in a brief career.



ANTHONY Mundine's little-known opponent for tomorrow night's world title fight literally grew into a far more dangerous proposition than first thought as soon as he walked into a media conference yesterday, surprising boxing writers and the Australian champion himself with his size.

Barry Hall offered Hopoate Fight by Ray Wheatley

Kill or be Killed by Ringside Report

Briggs can stop Drews by Ray Wheatley


VIC DARCHINYAN - Friday Press Conference

(Sydney: 13th June 2007) Undefeated IBF/IBO flyweight world boxing champion Vic “Raging Bull” Darchinyan will hold a press conference this coming Friday 15th June 2007 at his new “Raging Bull” Gymnasium to announce his next world title fight.


Boxing Champion & Great Mickey Tollis

 passes away

This morning I received an email with news of Mickey Tollis having passed away quietly in his sleep last evening (23rd May 07) Mickey Tollis was a great fighter between the years of 1944/51 gained the Australian lightweight title Oct 1948 and never lost it, he won the welterweight title in Sep 1049 and again in 1950. He fought Tommy Burns, Jack Hassen, Len Ditmar, Vic Patrick and Andre famechon. He had 65 fights for just 8 losses with 10 draws. Record

Details of his funeral will be published on this website as it becomes available. Young Victor


(left) Burns against Benny Evans USA at Rushcutters Bay Stadium July 19th 1948 points win.

They fought on two occasions with the other ending in a draw.

(right) Burns lands a right to the head against Tommy Burns at Sydney Stadium Oct. 18th 1948

Mickey Tollis KO's Al Wilburn in the tenth round at West Melbourne Stadium 17th Nov 1950

Young Victor offers his condolences to his family.

Read also Bryans kind words Bryan Membrey's Farewell


A good account of Tollis was found on an internet site which seemed very informative.

Mickey Tollis - Death of a Legend
MICKEY Tollis started out his sporting life as a promising rugby league player around Newcastle and died this week as a revered boxing icon in Melbourne's west.
Between 1944 and 1951 he was one of Australian boxing's brightest stars, slugging away with Vic Patrick, Tommy
Burns, Jack Hassen, Kevin Delaney, Ken Bailey, Len Dittmar and Roy Treasure. He drew with Patrick for the Australian lightweight title in 1948 and stopped Delaney for the welterweight crown in 1949.
He was born on May 26, 1927 and died three days short of his 80th birthday.
His mum Rita, who had been at the funeral of Les Darcy in 1917, managed him throughout his career and also sewed the baggy boxing trunks he made famous.
Tollis spent most of his career based in Melbourne under trainer Ambrose Palmer and in retirement was a popular tally clerk on the Melbourne docks before retiring to Melton.
His funeral will be held at Nelson Brothers in Footscray on Wednesday at 10am.
Standing 5ft 7in he had his first pro fight at just 16.
In the first 26 months of his career he fought 23 times for a record of 16-3-4 and then left
Newcastle to train with the great light-heavy Ambrose Palmer in Melbourne.
Tollis was a model for determination.
When he fought Les Fuller at the old Melbourne Stadium on May 12, 1947,
he dropped Fuller 11 times only to see the Sydney fighter beat the count and
resume the battle.
There had been no cries from the crowd for the referee to stop the fight
because every time Fuller got back onto his feet the stronger he looked.
A lesser man would have given up. But not Tollis. He kept on going until he
upended Fuller for the 12th time in the eighth round and ended the bout.
The story was much the same with national titles.
In 1948 he boxed a 12-round draw with stylish Ken Bailey and in perhaps his
greatest moment, climbed off the floor to box a 15-round draw with Vic Patrick
for the Australian lightweight title.
``Vic was a lovely man but a tremendous puncher, Tollis told the writer Grantlee Kieza.
``When Vic dropped me I hit the canvas so hard that I bounced three times. But I got back up and got back into it to fight a draw with one of the all-time greats.''
Tollis scored two wins and a draw in three consecutive fights with Benny Evans and then closed out 1948 with a 12-round draw with Tommy Burns and then a 15-round decision loss to Burns for the Australian welterweight title.
He won that title the following year against Kevin Delaney and beat him three more times, also getting the best of the French tag team of Andre Famechon and Jean Mougin.
In 1951 he was the No.8 ranked welterweight in the world and he helped finish the career of a declining Jack Hassen with a pair of stoppage wins but after stopping Ken Bailey suffered back to back defeats against Len Dittmar and Tommy Burns.
Tollis worked on the Melbourne waterfront as a tally clerk and at one stage
was a trainer for the Carlton Football Club.
He finished with a record of 47 wins, eight losses and 10 draws, 24 wins by
He will be sadly missed by his family and friends.

Farewell Champ! Diego Corrales buried in Las Vegas

diego corrales16.05.07 - By Mike Indri - Retired Boxers Foundation - Boxing buried one of its most beloved champions Tuesday afternoon, as former two-division world titleholder Diego Corrales was peacefully laid to rest following last week's tragic motorcycle accident that claimed the life of the legendary fighter.

Known for his lethal punching power and warrior's heart, Corrales will also be remembered for being a caring and special person, who lived life to the fullest and, unfortunately, treated each day as if it was his last. read more

As seen in www.eastsideboxing.com

Victorian Jay Simms for the Australian Jumior Middleweight Title 4th May 2007 in Sydney

Jay Simms is fighting Ryan Waters at the Cronulla Leagues Club in Sydney, Simms is managed and promoted by Peter Maniatis

Manny Pacquiao stopped Jorge Solis in round eight. News as avail.



Peter Maniatis brings Manny Pacquiao to Australia

Breaking News: At Crown Casino in May 2007 Peter Maniatis is holding a black tie dinner with his main guest being Manny Pacquiao along with most of our world champions present.

Tichet prices will be $150 per person.

It is expected that guests can have photos and get autographs. Highlights of Manny's fights will be shown on the big screen while its all taking place.

The event will be detailed on KO Boxing show on channel 31 Feb. 13th.


Mundine received belt from WBA.

The event, held at the Sheraton hotel, was crowded and had WBA world champions from Panama Celestino "Pelenchín" Caballero and Roberto "La Araña" Vasquez among the attendees. 

READ MORE as seen in WBA

Mick "pony" Shaw has offspring 14th Apr 07

Former Lightweight champion Mick (pony) Shaw and his wife Jenny have had a baby boy named Mannie, both are in good health and YVB congratulate them for their feat.


Sports Stadium, Traralgon, Vic Fight Results
Saturday 24th March 2007

Catchweight 4x3
Daniel Iannazzo 52.50kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Pornchai Sithpajuk 51.60kgs (Thai)
Scores: 40/35, 40/35, 40/35
Catchweight 6x3
Heath Ellis 63.30kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Dennapa Bigshotcamp 65.20 (Thai)
Scores: 60/54, 60/54, 60/54
Super Middleweight 8x3
Pradeep Singh 73.70kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Somchai Chimlum 73.60kgs (Thai)
Scores: 80/72, 79/72, 79/73
Welterweight 8x3
Fatai Onikeke 63.80kgs Win KO 1:55 Round 4 Over Mike Wanprasert 63.80kgs (Thai)
WBF Asia Pacific Light Heavyweight Title 10x2
Clinton Johnson 78.20kgs Split Draw With James Chan 79.30kgs
Scores: 96/95, 93/97, 95/95


Victor Burgos injured - please say a prayer


Darchinyan stops Burgos in 12

Australia’s IBF/IBO flyweight world champion Vic “Raging Bull” Darchinyan retained his world titles with a 12th round TKO stoppage win over Mexico’s Victor Burgos on Saturday night at The Home Depot Center in Carson, California, USA

He took a lot of punishment. Darchinyan looks like he feels really bad about this. Burgos' corner should not have kept him in that ring when he was clearly losing every round.

The doctor says that Burgos was slipping in and out of consciousness, but his vitals were normal and he was on his way to a trauma centre. READ ABOUT IT

Promoter eyes Aussie bout for Darchinyan

Leroy Brown impressive on debut
Narooma News - Narooma,New South Wales,Australia
"Angelo Hyder (arguably the most influential person in Australian boxing) said, 'He looked like he had been fighting pro for years.'" ...

BOXA passes away ... 23 Feb 2007 An incredibly liked young man will be sadly sadly missed by those who knew him. he died in his sleep today as his mother explains in an Aussie Forum click here to see he was immensely liked by the boxing fraternity that visit this forum.  Aussie Boxing Forum


Australia's Michael Katsidis won the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) interim lightweight title after forcing Graham Earl to retire at the end of the fifth round at Wembley Arena in London. Earl down twice in the first round; both boxers down in round two. Referee Mickey Vann ignored a towel thrown from Earl's corner. Now "The Warrior" is 22(20ko's)0-0

We are in for some real "Lets Rumble" from Australia.

KATSIDIS: A star is born

SEE VIDEO OF THIS FIGHT Read more on Michael


HOPKINS vs WRIGHT ON JULY 21st? by Jim Amato

Rumor has it that it is almost a done deal. Bernard Hopkins vs Winky Wright at a catch weight of 170 lbs. Granted these are two of the best pound for pound boxers in the world but style wise...I forsee a very BORING contest.
The bout is to be held July 21st. It appears that it will take place in either New York or Las Vegas. It will be an HBO / PPV event.


Make me an offer: Kostya Tszyu
January 30, 2007 FORMER world champion Kostya Tszyu is secretly planning to tread back into the ring as he awaits an offer for a fairytale title shot. READ ON


LEATHER AND CANVAS Boxing videos have just become available.

LEATHER AND CANVAS, The Ultimate Boxing Collection - IT’S A KNOCKOUT!

 Read  Press Release


Jimmy Cole is no Fighter but he is one hell of a nice guy

Jimmy is photographed here during his specially handled job at Crown Casino in Melbourne.

Jimmy has a special way of handling his job of greeting people, he gives everybody the absolute best welcoming that can be experienced.

Young Victor asked Jimmy while receiving the usual handshake accompanied by welcoming joyful words only he can put together seamlessly, why he looked worried, he is apparently being moved elsewhere.

We will be losing Jimmy to the Crown Towers hotel soon he tells me with a sad look on his face.

"Nice things come and go in life and usually forgotten about but Jimmy will be remembered".


Although Mundine looks so much like a bad PR man he has managed to repeat Muhamad Ali's method (by Australian scale) of putting bums on seats where it reflects in his bank account.

Whether fans go to see him get beaten or so many that believe he is our "greatest" it don't matter.

Its obvious now what Mundine's game plan was and like he predicted carried it out, he took his time to wait until he was ready to carry it out and it worked to his expectation.

We have to give it to Anthony (da man) he is turning out to be an Aussie legend, you don't have to look very far, he is an all-round sportsman and a worthy champion at that.

By no doubt he is the biggest money earner of all time in Australian Boxing and will more than likely  surpass all our past champions in all sports.

I salute Mundine for putting his fists where his mouth is as he has a long way to go despite his age he is just getting out of his puppy stage in Boxing as he was late in age at starting his career. by Young Victor

Mundine v Soliman

The trash talk is over and all is now ready for tonight's world title fight between Anthony Mundine and Sam Soliman.
Mundine is a firm favourite but Soliman is out for revenge.
In 2001 Mundine defeated Soliman in a controversial split decision many believed should have gone the other way.


Vic Darchinyan's American promoter is planning a superfight in Australia for the powerful world flyweight boxing champion.


Pic credit to Joe Miranda at Showtime

Vic Darchinyan.com Media Release 26th. Feb 07

Vic Darchinyan.com Media Release 2nd Mar 07


Dual world flyweight champion Vic Darchinyan believes his dream fight with Mexican Jorge Arce will happen this year as he targets a rise through the divisions to set up a clash with Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao.
The Sydney-based Darchinyan will defend his IBF and IBO world titles against Mexican Victor Burgos in Los Angeles on March 3.
Having flagged it would be his final fight as a flyweight, Darchinyan is set to jump between one and three divisions in pursuit of more championship belts.
"This fight is going to happen because we are rated in the top 10 most exciting fighters in the world and promoters, fans, everyone in boxing is waiting for this fight," Darchinyan said.
The bout will be the main support to the clash between WBC super bantamweight champion Israel Vazquez, both of whom are also potential targets for ambitious Darchinyan.
The hard hitting 31-year-old southpaw said if he couldn't fight Arce next, he wanted to climb three divisions and challenge the winner of the Sanchez-Vazquez bout.
Darchinyan, who has an imposing record of 27-0 (21 KOs) said he was looking for a quick KO of Burgos, whose record is 39-14-3 (23 KOs).        as seen
The Australian News


Breaking News: Prahdeep Singh leaves Australia to attend to his sick dad in India, it is not known for how long or if he has any intentions of returning but its fairly sure that he will not be at his upcoming fight scheduled at Knox Netball Stadium on 16th Feb.


Green/Murdoch fight quickly developed to be one sided towards the Green machine and I compliment Paul's father Bob for stopping it when he did as I honestly nearly had tears in my eyes fearing a very bad outcome for such a nice person as Paul.
Although the stoppage to some may have been an early surprise as even Chris Anderson was only going to give him a standing count, I respect a father's well timed instinct to save his son from what could be irreversible.
Paul has been a great fighter as honest as they can come with a huge heart and I wish him a very nice life after boxing which he deserves.
Thanks Paul for your great courage shown in our Victorian Boxing Ring.


Huge fight in March Sam Soliman vs Anthony Mundine

Action shots of Sam Soliman vs Enrique Ornelas

See more photos of the Sam Soliman vs Enrique Ornelas by Paul Gallegos

prices on SPORTSBET


"Rocky Balboa the movie hits Melbourne"

Thirty years ago he was a man with no future, working for a small time loan shark on the South Side of Philadelphia.  When blind luck landed him the chance to enter the ring against reigning champ Apollo Creed, it was the million-to-one-shot of a lifetime.  And all he wanted was to go the distance.  His courage and perseverance, both in life and in the ring, gave hope to millions....

ROCKY BALBOA - IN CINEMAS FEBRUARY 22ND (changed from 1ST) - Cast  Sylvester Stallone, Burt Young, Pedro Lovell, Geraldine Hughes, Milo Ventimiglia,  Antonio Tarver...

Publicity & Promotions Executive of Twentieth Century Fox have invited YV of Young Victor Boxing to view a screening in their private theatrette and were happy to be seen on his boxing website.

Young Victor Boxing has become Australia's number one site in Boxing News and Media and very proud in bringing news of this boxing movie that has been such a huge factor in the revival of the sweet science in previous times. More will be shown here for you boxing fans as it becomes available.

Watch Trailer






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