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Green-Wlodarczyk Open Training Session
Fight News
Wlodarczyk and team were the first to arrive as “Diablo” took the time to have a photo in the boxing ring with several “Miss Universe” Australia contestants. Then after warming up in the back room, Wlodarczyk came back out in his training gear, ...

Australian Boxing: Sam Soliman Advances in IBF Title Eliminator Box-Off
By Srithar Visuasam: Sam Soliman (40-11, 17 KOs) was impressive in outpointing Eromesele Albert (24-6-1, 12 KOs) last night at the Melbourne Pavillion, Melbourne, Australia. Fighting as part of a four man box-off tournament to see who faces IBF ...



Fights at Malvern Town Hall from 11th. Nov. venue will be shown on Foxtel TV ch. 183 Sat. 26th. 7:30pm & Sun. 27th. 11:30 am and 5:30 pm & Mon. 28th. Nov 10:00pm.

Malvern Town Hall Delivers

11th Nov 2011

By Young Victor

Promoter and TV host of ch31's KO Boxing Peter Maniatis provided an exciting night at Malvern that kept the fans on their feet with great fights and the appearance of legend Joe Bugner whom fought with Muhammad Ali three times and Joe Frazier.

The well known around the boxing game Brian Young that sang the National Anthem in an exceptional way the fans enjoyed immensely.

MC Howard Leigh announced the passing away of  Joe Frazier and former Commonwealth champion Graeme Brooke's father also once a fighter Graeme Douglas.

Timer Damian Membrey rang the bell 10 count in remembrance.


Manny Vlamis wins PABA Light heavyweight title by tko in 10th.

PABA Light heavyweight champion Joel Casey gets stopped by an upcoming blaster puncher Manny Vlamis now entitled to a World rating.

The fight was started in a very low pace throughout the 1st round with the exception of Vlamis throwing Casey down to the canvas in wrestling manner and was reprimanded by the referee Malcolm Bulmer.

The 2nd round got paced up with Casey scoring better.

In the 3rd Vlamis made a huge effort to ko his opponent with a large quantity of left and right hooks loaded with power but Casey's defense was impeccable still scoring the better of the two.

The 4th showed a faster pace with Vlamis making the fight but Casey a southpaw with nice rights and lefts and huge body punches. The 5th round was fairly similar.

In the next two rounds Vlamis started fighting better and within range and closer fighting started taking place which suited him better.

The 8th. stanza found Casey returning to keeping his opponent at a distance and scored better again without any ferocity.

Well into the 9th Vlamis found Casey allowing close fighting where Casey came second best and was showing the wear this was having on him as Vlamis kept handing out the punishment which sent Casey unsteady to his corner.

The 10th started and went on quite savagely until an explosive left and right hooks put Casey down for a count, he remained unsteady while Vlamis kept hammering.

Dr Lewis was already up on the ring apron when Malcolm Bulner made the decision to stop the fight, 2min 20 sec into the round.

Malcolm is Australia's most experienced referee and he is best equipped with the closest view of the fight.


Michael Zerafa takes Victorian Light Middleweight title

Good boxing skills by Michael Zerafa helped him outpoint Faisal Fayad and got him the Victorian title.

Fayad which had difficulty getting into close quarters where he could have succeed in upsetting the new champion.

Fayad with less reach maintained his attacks to the upper region when he would have had better results going for the body as he lacked the reach he needed for the rangier Zerafa.

The 2nd round was an exciting round and Fayad scored well.

In the 3rd round Fayad was remanded for a low blow as Zerafa was indicating and given a couple of minutes rest to recover. This was very difficult to see as it happened very quickly and seemed doubtful.

Zerafa changed to distance fighting and danced around while outboxing Fayad.

Round 6 saw both fighters battling in close quarters.

Round 7 was a great round as both fighters scored well.

The 8th was disappointing as Zerafa well in front on points just boxed at a great distance and ensured he stayed out of trouble by the harder punching Fayad.

Michael Zerafa showed he is a very promising boxer with a lot of talent and seems set for much higher places in good time.

Faisal Fayad fought an honest fight and he too showed he has a good career ahead, he does need to switch to body lead attacks when fighting taller opponents especially when leads to the upper region fall short.


Frank LoPorto loses World Title fight

Frank LoPorto has suffered a technical knockout loss in his super welterweight world-title fight in Texas against American champion Austin Trout.
LoPorto, a 33-year-old wharfie from Melbourne, went into the bout at El Paso's outdoor Cohen Stadium a long-shot against the undefeated Trout.
LoPorto was knocked down in the first round and suffered plenty of punishment until referee Rafael Ramos stepped in late in the sixth round and ended the fight.
Trout, 26, retains his World Boxing Association belt and is in line to battle the winner of next month's fight between two of the division's elite fighters, Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito.
Trout moves to a 24 win (14KOs) professional record while LoPorto slips to a 15 win (seven KOs), five loss and two draw record. heraldsun

Dib promises KO in boxing defence
The Age
"I guarantee the Australian public it's going to be lights out. At yesterday's press conference, Dib told Servidei his world title dream would come crashing down. "Bring a pillow, because you are going to sleep," Dib said. Servidei, who hasn't fought ...

Polish boxer Andrerzej Fonfara denies spying on Danny Green
The Daily Telegraph
Virtually anonymous outside his native Warsaw, Fonfara has become the hottest topic in Australian boxing this past fortnight following claims he's spying for countryman and WBC cruiserweight champ Krzysztof Wlodarczyk _ who Green fights on November 30 ...

Susie 'Q' Ramadan: She's a knockout
Melbounre Times Weekly
BY DANIEL PAPROTH JEFF Fenech is recognised as Australia's first International Boxing Federation bantamweight world champion, a title he won in 1985. But few people realise Australia had an IBF bantamweight world champion for most of this year. ...

Green hails fight card as greatest
The Age
Photo: Brendan Esposito Former world champion Danny Green hopes the fight card he has assembled for his November 30 showdown with Poland's Krzysztof Wlodarczyk will be remembered as the greatest in Australian boxing history. On a night when Green will ...

Graeme Brooke senior father of former Lightweight Commonwealth champion passes on.

A young Graeme Brooke with father Graeme Brooke

Graham snr. fought under the name of Graham Douglas and also had fights 1968/69 at Festival Hall.

Graeme's father passed away 6th Nov. 2011

YVB and all boxing fraternity will be saddened by this and send their condolences to Graeme and his family.

by Young Victor


Fitting tribute in Vermont South for boxing legend Held Sep 7th. 11

 as seen 8 Sep 11 @ 02:41pm



Mark Quan gets a Commonwealth title fight

Mark got his chance to fight for the vacant title by replacing Kiko Martinez who was to fight Carl Frampton.

Mark puts in his 100% into all his fights and YVB wish him all the best towards a win.

Read more about it here
BoxingScene.com Quon is a tough opponent who shares the same dream as Carl, and he will be trying to take this opportunity with both hands. ...

World of Boxing journal out now on newsagent's shelves or order online from Ray Wheatley seen at right side of this page.

YVB's Green vs Tarver

World Cruiserweight title fight

by Young Victor

Antonio Tarver dominated Danny Green in all but the 7th. round due to his being outreached by a rangier opponent.

Tarver fought in a relaxed manner which allowed him to snap power punches perfectly right on the moment his punches landed.
He was also allowed by Green to fight from the distance which suited him to a tee as he had a huge 6 cm advantage in reach.
Despite Green choosing to be the counter puncher, the American waited for Danny to take the lead and at the very moment Green was in the position of attacking he got outpaced with a very long left hook which reached Danny to the head and being a southpaw this was Tarver's power punch, this had a huge toll on Greens condition.
Danny Green in his usual powerful stance rather a disadvantage as it accordingly slows his blows, kept using this tactic until mid rounds when advised to close in on Tarver which produced a great result for at least one round.
Danny Green chose the wrong way to fight Antonio Tarver, he outfought Tarver at close quarters and should have done it throughout the fight.
Antonio Tarver a true great in boxing is a perfectly balanced fighter and uses his amazing skills in punch throwing from all angles.



The 2011 Induction dinner is on - come dine with the champions and celebrate the inductees class of 2011.
Saturday 10th September 2011
Country Club Tasmania, Launceston
Invited guests include Kostya Tszyu, Jeff Fenech,
Jeff Harding, Barry Michael and Daniel Geale.
Kostya will be in attendance to accept his 2010 induction.
Tickets $185 ($165 for members). $1650 for table of 10.
Special accommodation packages available.
To book your tickets, contact the Country Club direct on
(03) 6335 5777. Ask for In House reservations and tell them you're with the Hall of Fame for special room rates.
For more info, contact anbhof@anbhof.com

This year's inductees are:
Moderns: Steve Aczel
Veterans: Jeff White
Old Timers: Fred Kay
Pioneers: Dan Creedon
Non Participants: Jim Sharman
Honorary Internationals: Clarence Reeves "The Alabama Kid"

World title eliminator at The Melbourne Pavilion 5th. August

Leonardo Zappavigna a huge world title contender will meet Ameth Diaz Zappavigna is coming off a world title attempt which he experienced his first loss to Miguel Vasquez over 12 rounds.

This fight is for the OPBF lightweight title and if won will place Zappa for another world title shot.

Melbourne stars cruiserweight Brad Pitt and light heavyweight Blake Caparello will also be fighting with the latter matched with Jameson Bostic



BOB ROSE CUP at Malvern Town Hall 8th. July 2011

Victorian Light Middleweight Title

8 rounds.
By Young Victor.

The main event was amazingly entertaining with its outstanding out of the norm fight.

A very capable Kashif Mumtaz took to teasing his tough opponent Manny Vlamis turning the fight into a quarrel with the referee included.

Vlamis a very hard punching fighter attempted to take the fight to his opponent but made the mistake of pushing Mumtaz away into the ropes when closely tangled sometimes falling over one another.

This played heavily on Mumtaz's temper and had no effect on settling the fighters to the rules of boxing.

Mumtaz down 3rd round with a bolo punch and complains about it delivered in the back of head, and so it was.

 In the first minute of the 4th. round both fighters repeatedly tangled, pushed, held and delivered punches wherever the opportunity was.

Just after the first minute of this round Vlamis had Mumtaz bent over the ropes and delivered punches from all angles.

Vlamis with unethical punching caused Mumtaz to lose all interest in the fight and caused both fighters to get to lose a point each due to this unusual style of fighting, holding and blows in the back of the head.

At this time Mumtaz got hit heavily and deliberately went down on both knees with his left arm behind his back, he stayed down and waved the ref that he didn't want to continue which brought the fight to an end.

Despite all this the crowd loudly applauded the match as they loved the entertainment.

Amazingly the ring got filled up with bodies and officials which were asking to allow the fight to continue, of course this would have been illegal, they were calmed and turned to rock and roll music by Stan Thorpe the cousin of the famous singer, Australia's Billy Thorpe.

This entitled Manny Vlamis to acquire the Victorian Light Middleweight Title.

Pradeep Singh vs Amir Ranjdar 8 rounds

Pradeep Singh a former PABA and OPBF champion out-boxed Randjar overall but Randjar from Iran showed he has the goods but not the experience needed to beat Singh, however the standard was clean with good boxing displayed.

The third round found Ranjar weakening and Pradeep well on top, the fight was stopped 52 seconds from start of this round and both fighters were applauded.

Callan Orchard vs Dinesh Kanth 4 rounds

Callan a favourite amongst Melbourne fight fans with huge expectations experienced his first time and unexpected KO loss.

Callan learned how important defense is when climbing the ladder that takes him to  professional championship level.

In the first round Callan got knocked down for a count after he had Dinesh also down for a count and looking very fragile.

Callan from then on himself looked wobbly and in a very dangerous state as Dinesh didn't waste any time to attack and KO'd his opponent within 1 minute 44 sec into the first round.

Terry Tzouramanis vs Chad Roy Naidu 6 rounds

Terry "pretty boy" outpointed Chad in an interesting fight but Terry's harder punching gave him the advantage and he won 4 out of the six rounds to get the pat.

Chad did a good job but was a step behind and needed to pace up further to get a better result.

Paul Bourke vs Joe D'Angelo 6 rouds

Joe D'Angelo looked huge in by comparison to Paul Bourke and overpowered him by size and strength which made it seem like a huge mismatch and so it turned out to be.

In the first round D'Angelo knocked Paul down for a count of 8 but got up to fight again but again was sent to the canvas and got up very wiggly and the ref Wayne Ashdown seemed very late in stopping the fight.

Jean Claude vs Michael Zerafa 4 rounds.

Michael Zerafa came out like a tornado, Jean Claude only "looked" overpowered when the fight was prematurely stopped by the ref Matt Ropis 45 seconds into the first round.

There was no technical reason for the fight to be stopped other then Zerafa's shower of punches which Claude only "seemed" to be having difficulty coping with, he was not hurt and would easily have gone on with the fight if the ref didn't stop it when he did.

Speaking with a very upset Claude afterwards in the change rooms indicated that he was giving up the game because of what took place in the ring.

Hopefully he will change his mind and continue in the game as he is a very handy scrapper.

Robert Monitto vs Drew Mackey 4 rounds.

Monitto came out for the first round like an overpowered windmill and quickly disposed of his clean looking Mackey.

Monitto has fought for the Victorian title three times.

Mackey was having his first pro fight and looked like a nice clean boxer and wasn't given the chance to get started in the normal manner all debut fighters deserve.

by Young Victor.

World of Boxing journal out now on newsagent's shelves or order online from Ray Wheatley seen at right side of this page.

Lionel Rose Boxing's Darling passes on

1st April 2011

Lionel Rose passed away today and will be remembered by all of Australia's boxing fraternity and without a doubt all Australians.

YVB's Young Victor and his wife Lynette offer their condolences to his wife Jenny and hope she copes well with life after.

Lionel we loved you.

More will be added here about his funeral.

Lionel seen here at unveling of statue  boxing video clips click

Lionel appears in this 60's Sydney Stadium Fight Clips No3

See in this page!


Australian Fight Series

10th. Apr.


By Adam Wilcok:

The first round of fights saw four action packed bouts, all finishing inside the distance. In this second round, two tough queenslanders Jason Kanofski and Brad Hemming face off, Victorian Faisal Fayad faces South Australian Mark Dalby, the excitement machines Todd Kidd faces tough Alex Ahtong. The Tim Hunt vs Rivan Cessaire encounter has had people talking since the draw. Both technically very good boxers and on the way up, with similar styles, should be a cracker.
Australian Title Fight

Brooklyn’s Diana Prazak takes on Malin Morgan from Queensland for the Australian Super-lightweight title. Contrasting in styles, this should make for a classic fight as the small and powerful “Dirty Di” looks to fing a way past the taller and bigger Morgan.
Popular Victorians Mark Quon, Matt Lytwnenko and Ashley McDermott are all in action.
Eight very even bouts where the most prepared boxer wins.
Ringside table seats (inc 2 course meal and drinks) - $140 p/p
Reserved Seating - $70
General admission - $40

Fights at Malvern Town Hall

1st April 2011

Blake Caparello has in his last fight defeated a very talented Michael Bolling and is a fast rising star and one of the best prospects in Australian boxing, he has also defeated a shining upcoming star Shane McConville.

Blake will meet Toagasilimai Letoa Samoan Lightheavyweight champion and a good fight is expected.
The semi main event between former Australian champion Eddie Delic and Harry Venka a PABA title eliminator should be a good fight, Delic likes to brawl and Venka is a skilful boxer which should even the match.
Also contender star Pradeep Singh on the card along with Heath Ellis who is fighting former Indonesian champion Jonathon Sinamora.
There are big wraps on undefeated light heavyweight Callan Orchard another Victorian rising star who is only 20 years old takes on Dickey Pereira a former New Zealand amateur star.
Peter Maniatis is the promoter and he rates this a top card of boxing with well matched fights.


1/ Japan and now Pacific, 2/ Queensland & 3/ NZ Earthquake Appeal

YVB recommend we all help by donating to RED CROSS


One click for fellow New Zealanders



Australian Fight Series – Friday 18th February
The ‘Australian Fight Series’ is set to commence this Friday at Flemington Racecourse.


Hank (John) Stanley passes away

11/1/2011 by Young Victor

Hank Stanley passed away this morning and will be missed by his lovely daughter Christine and a barrage of Australian boxing followers.

Hank was a human encyclopedia of memorable stories about boxing and a staunch supporter of the PPBA and League.

Promoter wants judge banned after Darchinyan defeat
The Australian
"It was one of the worst decisions I've ever witnessed in all my years in boxing," Shaw told The Australian. "It was just plain bad. ...




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