Melbourne Pavillion Results

Melbourne Pavillion Results 7th Sep. 2012

Friday 7 September 2012 official wiki
The Melbourne Pavilion, Flemington, Victoria, Australia
cruiserweight Daniel Ammann 24(5)-5(2)-1 Beat Pieter Cronje 14(10)-5(3)-1 TKO 9 10
For the Australian cruiserweight title

heavyweight Solomon Haumono 18(16)-1-2 Beat Franklin Egobi 16(11)-4-0 TKO 10 10
for the vacant Australian heavyweight title

super featherweight Lauryn Eagle 3(2)-2-1 Beat Nicki Bigwood 0-3(1)-1 UD 6 6
cruiserweight Kane Watts 8(3)-1-0 Beat Danny Price 9(4)-3(2)-2 TKO 2 6
welterweight Qamil Balla 1(1)-0-1 Beat Matt Bune 1-1(1)-0 TKO 2 4
super middleweight Jake Carr debut Beat Fabian Sullivan 0-1(1)-0 TKO 1 4



TIM HUNT the new PABA Welterweight CHAMPION

Keep an eye on this space, story coming soon....



Fights at Powerhouse Albert Park 18th. Aug. 2012
PABA welterweight Title Fight
Tim Hunt, Australian welterweight Champion heads the bill at Powerhouse, Albert Park, Victoria. Tim is one of Australia's promising international fighters, he just lost a split decision to Rivan Cessaire for the IBO Asia Pacific welterweight title. Cessaire has only lost 3 out of 21 fights and 20 have been in the UK.
Tim should do well as he has the boxing skill and enough experience to handle his opponent.

Green beats Santiago but tight-lipped on future
Danny Green remains tight-lipped on his boxing future - but his win tonight over Danny Santiago certainly seemed to have an element of "final farewell" to it.
Green had already said the Santiago bout, a fifth round TKO win, would be his final outing in Perth. But speculation remains that Green will hang up the gloves for good.
"I'm just going to relax and enjoy it," Green said when asked ringside where he would head after tonight.
However, Green's keenness to thank his loyal fan base after the fight will do nothing to quell the talk that a permanent retirement - he previously had a hiatus in 2008 - would be on the cards.

"This was for you," Green told the crowd.

"I fought for you guys. I think I can say I proudly represented my state and country. I nearly died in here [the ring] a couple of times."
Green paid tribute to his trainer Angelo Hyder, who he labelled the "best in the world".

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/sport/boxing/green-beats-santiago-but-tightlipped-on-future-20120723-22k11.html#ixzz21gRID7ZG


Fights at Grand Star Receptions by Fightcard Promotions

Altona North Friday 20th. July

Fightcard Promotions layed out a star studded venue at the Grand Star Receptions which was second to none and they are fast becoming one of Melbourne's leading Boxing event promoters. The layout was first class and the night went very smoothly. This is great for the Boxing game, YVB congratulate Adam Wilcock who is the key man at Fightcard Promotions.



8 rounds
Blake Caparello Won TKO Round 2 over Dante Craig.

A huge roar by Blake Caparello's fans from city and country towns some of which were family nearly brought the house down.

Dante Craig is a veteran of 33 fights and former holder of the NBA Intercontinental Middleweight Title, he had fought for the USBA Light Middleweight title in Oct. 2006. Blake knocked Dante down briefly in round 2 with no count applied. Blake followed up with a concentrated effort to end the fight 1 min 51 sec into the round as Dante was in no shape to fight on.

Caparello is Australia's latest unnoticed super champion, he takes it all in an easy manner and is in no rush as he is still at a young age for his Light heavyweight physique but before too long he is running out of fighters at this level and will be forced to step up to the next level where he will meet bigger guns and the writer believes he will succeed, all in good time.


Vacant Australian Light Welterweight title

10 rounds x 3
Addisu Tebebu Won TKO Round 7 Todd Kidd

Todd Kidd had good skills he didn't use properly so he paid the price and it was high.

Addisu Tebebu a former Olympian was extremely rangy with weighty punching and fighting him at a distance was suicidal as he was very potent with his two main punches straight lefts and rights slightly hooked. Todd did very well when up close but he moved backwards just as he outboxes Addisu on every occasion.

During mid 5th round Todd went down briefly from a sharp right with no count and Addisu landed three more good rights until the round was over.

Round 6 nearly saw Todd gaining a win, scoring a knockdown for a count of 8 but Addisu saw the round out.

By round 7 Todd slowed up a little, but, enough to give his opponent the opportunity to land his potent lefts and rights he used from the distance and Todd went down. These punches put Todd into a shaky and indefensible state at 2 min 28 sec of the round and the referee had no choice but to stop the fight and save Todd Kidd as he was in no shape to fight on.

6 rounds
Adam King Won points over Ashley McDermott
Ashley lost his unbeaten record and lost his fight with Adam king.

6 rounds
Andrew Wallace Won RTD round 4 over Joebert De Los Reyes


6 rounds
Joel Shackleton Won TKO round 4 over Kurtis Pegorano (debut)


4 rounds
Sylvia Schiavoni Won points over Nicole Cubillo


Doubts raised over boxer's gender
A FEMALE boxer from Thailand recorded "highly suspicious" levels of testosterone before a world title fight in Melbourne on Friday night, again plunging the sport into controversy.




WBC Female Bantamweight Title

Susie Ramadan vs Usanacorn Kokietgym 10 rounds x 2

Susie Ramadan showed amazing skill beating Usanacorn Kokietgym for the Women's WBC World Bantamweight Title.

Susie secured the first round with early action while Usanacorn was slow starting but made up for it by improving her work in round 2.

Round 3 Ramadan picked up the pace and scored well with multiple left leads followed by well placed rights to the chin and the body.

Usanacorn always looked like making good attacks but Susie kept answering with well placed punching which kept her very well in front on points.

Victor from YVB tried to make contact with Dr Lewis regarding the possibility of Usanicorn being either male or certainly full of male testosterone but was rudely ignored at the time. It was possible that the doctor had other things in mind.
Official result = bantamweight Susie Ramadan 22(8)-1-0 W Usanakorn Kokietgym 11(10)-1-0 UD 10 10


WBF Female Super Featherweight Title

Lauryn Eagle vs Kiangsak Sithsaithong 10 rounds x 2

Superstardom headed Lauren Eagle executed a win in round 5 by TKO by sticking to taking the lead and showing nice boxing skill. When under fire by Kiangsak Sithsaithong, Lauren took back the upper hand with punch combinations ensuring she got back on top of her opponent.

Trained by former Super Featherweight Barry Michael, Lauren won the World Boxing Federation Super featherweight title.

Official result = super featherweight Lauryn Eagle 2(1)-2-1 W Kiangsak Sithsaithong 9(4)-0-0 TKO 5 10
time: 0:56

OPBF Light Welterweight Interim Title

Solomon Egberime vs Joel de la Cruz 12 rounds x 3

Egberime started the fight with a vicious attack which put de La Cruz on the back foot  and kept getting beaten to the punch. By round 4 and 5 Cruz started to even things up but Egberime's hunger to win kept him well in front for the rest of the 12 rounds.

Official result = light welterweight Solomon Egberime 21(11)-3(1)-1 W Joel Dela Cruz 17(7)-14(7)-2 UD 12 12
interim OPBF light welterweight title

6 rounds x 3
light welterweight Qamil Balla 0-0-1 W Justin Medoro 0-5(1)-2 TKO 2 4


6 rounds x 3

A huge advantagious 12.6 kilo difference in weight on Franklin Egogy certainly showed its toll on Amosa Zinck

and brought the fight to an end during the rest time after the first round.
heavyweight Franklin Egobi 15(10)-4-0 W Amosa Zinck 6(4)-6-2 TD 1 6


6 rounds x 3
flyweight Omari Kimweri 11(4)-2(1)-0 W Yodpichai Sithsaithong 7(3)-4(3)-0 UD 6 6


Biggest night yet for local female boxers
Leading female fighter Susie Ramadan is intent on emulating the deeds of Jeff Fenech, Johnny Famechon and Lionel Rose on Friday, when she and Lauryn Eagle participate in a dual boxing world title show. With women's boxing making its Olympic debut in ...


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Malvern promises a good fight-night

See fight-card

25th. May 2012

Promoter Murray Thomson back on the scene putting together fightnights that boxing fans like to see.
Murray is a very dedicated trainer and his houseful of boys in training along with girl boxers show this through their enthusiasm for the workouts they are led to do.
Friday night's card stood out while it ran as all the fights were good shows.
by Young Victor

MAIN EVENT 8 rounds
Freddie Tukes vs Alex Ahtong 8 rounds -
win points Freddie Tukes

The first round was a feeler with either boxer both southpaws not taking any risks, this is understandable due to the age factor, Ahtong 35 and Tukes 39 but what followed was a good display of clean boxing which seems to be getting forgotten about these days.
In the second round Tukes took a left hook to the jaw and went down in rather slow motion, this seems to have got him because Alex Ahtong is a very rangy fighter and although very lean he does throw long crisp punches and Freddie made the mistake of holding his arms rather too low.
Alex Ahtong put up a very good show but seemed to lack condition because he had little time to prepare for the fight as he told YVB after the fight in the change rooms.
Freddie showed he is a colorful boxer with bopping and weaving being his style as he delivers punches.
Both fighters deserve credit shown by the fans that gave them a good ovation.


6 rounds

Zac Dunn vs Marlon Toby - Dunn win TKO round 1

A huge body punch by Dunn Put Toby down for a count of 8. Dunn didn't waste any time, he cornered Toby in a neutral corner who offered little resistance, his corner man wasted little time in throwing the towel in at 2:17 of the first round.

6 rounds

Phil Randis vs Codey Cawthorn i Randis win points.

Both fighters did well in the first round with good punch placing.

The second round saw both fighters trying very hard but missing mostly due to this.

Bopth eased up for round 3 and 4, but Randis started getting on top of his opponent with bett5er boxing, he continued this in the 6th round to get the pat.

4 rounds

Rex Regalado vs Ben Capps - win points.

Regalado a round-arm puncher started well but seemed to get evened by Capps by the time the first round was over.

Capps improved from the 2nd round onwards with good straight lefts and rights to the upper body and kept it up in the 3rd round.

Regaldo appeared quite frequently in punch landing of the last round but Ben Capps scored well on points with more accurate punching.
4 rounds
Brian Olman vs Dayo Iyiola. - Olman win points.

Both fighters fought evenly in the first 3 rounds with inexperienced tangling.

The 4th round found Olman improving his punches to get the pat.



RESULTS from The Melbourne Pavilion, Flemington, Victoria, Australia
International Boxing Organization IBO World Super Featherweight Title (supervisor: Phil Austin)

 12 super featherweight Will Tomlinson 18(12)-0-1 Will Tomlinson Win points TD
SC Daniel Ruiz 27(19)-4(2)-1

After the 8th round during the rest time, the power got lost and the results had to go to the judges giving the leader the win on points by technical decision.
10 light heavyweight Blake Caparello 11(5)-0-1 + Blake Caparello Win points.
SC Robert Berridge 15(11)-0-1
6 cruiserweight Brad Pitt 12(10)-0-0  + Brad Pitt Win points.
SC Joel Casey 15(10)-9(2)-3
6 division Dwight Ritchie 3-0-0 + Dwight Ritchie Win points.
SC Michael Herrmann 2(1)-1(1)-0
4 division Paul Watson 1(1)-0-0
SC Hakan Tekin debut  + Hakan Tekin Win tko round 1.


Fighters Factory at Knox Netball Centre 25th. May

Freddie Tukes vs. international Paul Charlie King is the main event.

Freddie Tukes is having his second fight in Melbourne since beating Mike Wanprasert March 31 by stoppage in the 4th round.

Freddie is no newcomer to boxing as seen in http://www.aolnews.com/2009/10/17/sparring-partner-fred-tukes-no-punching-bag-for-champ-miguel-c/

 Freddie has only lost one professional fight in his career and is expected to put up a good show.

Paul Charlie King has fought for the Lightweight Commonwealth title so he does not fall short of experience, he has won 18 of his 21 fights and is the younger of the two.

Electricity at Malvern Town Hall

Set up by boxing promoter and TV channel 31 host Peter Maniatis.

30th Mar 2012

By Young Victor

Knockouts, tko's, knockdowns, roaring and standing ovations were the highlights of the night.

OPBF Light Heavyweight Title 12 rounds

Manny Vlamis normally a hugely heavy puncher and a very crowd pleaser came out cautiously but already showing his aggressive style towards Togasilimai Letoa throughout the first round which ended evenly.

The second round exposed Letoa to be very well equipped with a good defense and boxing style.

Letoa got caught with very heavy punching by Vlamis and showed he was in some trouble but managed to recover very quickly and handed his own good punches which tolled on Vlamis.

Letoa by this stage got on top of Vlamis and sent him to the canvas just before the bell ending round two.

Early in the third round Letoa continued serving punishment with Vlamis fighting back with his huge heart but Letoa by now was well on top and scored with a huge right.

Vlamis was shaken and in no position to defend well but still standing, a small cut above his eye was also evident as his trainer Brian Levier waved a stoppage to the event.

Victorian Light Heavyweight Title 8 rounds

A thrilling fight from round one started with great body punching by Callan Orchard which won him round

one despite a very good tight defense and good boxing style and ability by Lyndon Edney.

In round 2 Callan was as good but was tagged by  a beautiful right hand and looked shakey.

In round 3 Callan landed a flurry of good punches where Lyndon went down but no count applied by the referee.

Round 4 saw Callan improve and was landing aggressively scoring very well.

Rounds 5, 6 showed Callan still outpointing Lyndon.

In round 7 Lyndon improved his scoring and the fight looked like it could have a turn around but Callan gathered himself to hold well.

In the last round Callan held well and kept his effort going despite his good points lead.

A standing ovation was the way fight fans rewarded these two boxers which left nothing missing in what was a very good fight. Mr. Mick Gatto a sponsor of the Peter Maniatis Events generously added on to the fighters purse $1000 each which they deserved. As heard in the change rooms, John McCubbin, trainer said Callan Orchard is putting the extra cash towards the house he is intending to purchase.

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 Maniatis celebrates milestone 400 TV show

Peter wrote to the editor of YVB in his own words:

G,day Victor on Friday 30th of March at Malvern Town Hall the c31 KO Boxing show will be filming its 400th show.
The channel 31 KO boxing show has been on air since 2002, and is one of the highest rating shows on channel 31 T.V, on air Tuesday nights and and Saturday at noon....
The show will be celebrating its 400th show on my next event on Friday 30th of March at Malvern Town Hall....
The show has hosted some big names, including Anthony Mundine, Kostya Tszyu, Jeff Fenech, Lester Ellis, Cathy Freeman, Lionel Rose, Johnny Famochon, Manny Pacquiao, Jeff Harding,, Danny Green, Roy Jones JR, ... plus AFL Footballers Wayne Carey, and US Comedian Legend Jerry Lewis all have been interviewed on the KO Boxing Show,
The show runs for 30 minutes with jazzy boxing footage and music and studio interviews by Peter Maniatis....
When l came up with the concept and approached the production company C 31, the general manager promised me only 13 shows, now 10 years on and 400 boxing shows not out and going strong, it has been a decent journey" All the boxers l have in interviewed including Manny Pacquiao and Roy Jones JR has been a honour for me to interview,
"The scariest interview" was not with a boxer but comedian Jerry Lewis he really got grumpy after the interview and tried to grab my microphone it was all in good fun and l would like to thank Mick Gatto for organising the Jerry Lewis interview" said Peter Maniatis.

March 30th Malvern World Ranked WBA #12 Light Heavyweight Manny Vlamis will be fighting Samoan Warrior Togasilimai Letoa for the WBC OPBF title over 12 x3 rounds there will also be 2 Victorian title fights on the undercard with 8 professional bouts,
"Manny Vlamis" is already rated #12 WBA in the World now if he wins the OPBF title he will be world rated by the WBC and looking for a crack at a world title as top 15 qualifies for a world title shot" said Maniatis.

World of Boxing journal out now on newsagent's shelves or order online from Ray Wheatley seen at right side of this page.

Sonny Bill's title win draws criticism

Sonny Bill's title win draws criticism
Yahoo! Eurosport UK
Tillman shoved Williams then caught him with a glancing right hook before he was dragged away by Australian professional boxer and former rugby league player Anthony Mundine, a friend and stable mate of Williams under manager Khoder Nasser....

Mundine ready for Green rematch

Mundine ready for Green rematch
The West Australian
Green, who is yet to decide whether to continue his boxing career, revealed in _The West Australian _yesterday he was interested in avenging his 2006 defeat but described Mundine as not having the "heart" for a rematch. However, Nasser, speaking from ...

Mundine sure 'improving' SBW can win
Mundine sure 'improving' SBW can win
Sonny Bill Williams helped at a sparring session by former Australian boxing great Tony Mundine, father of Anthony Mundine. Sonny Bill Williams at the Hamilton's Claudelands Events centre, announcing his return to boxing. Sonny Bill Williams at the ...

Gus awarded Medal of the Order of Australia

Mercurio would have been 'chuffed'

Mercurio would have been 'chuffed'
Herald Sun
Mercurio's roles in The Man from Snowy River, The Sullivans and as a commentator on World of Sport, combined with his position as the inaugural president of the Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame, made him a household name....

Geale's mega fight night

Geale's mega fight night
Tasmania Mercury
... WBA champion Felix Sturm's camp and WBC champion Sergio Martinez's camp are still in the pipeline allowing Geale to have one last fight in Australia.....

Geale hits back at Soliman's legal action

Geale hits back at Soliman's legal action
Sydney Morning Herald
Two world title defences on the one bill is thought to be a first for Australian boxing. "This sort of stuff sometimes happens in Vegas so to bring it down to Tassie, it's a pretty decent thing," Geale said. "To have him on the same card as myself, ...

Australian Diana Prazac defeated Canadian Lucia Larcinese by unanimous decision.

News to be here soon


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Could Face Antonio Margarito or Anthony Mundine After Rubio

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Could Face Antonio Margarito or Anthony Mundine After Rubio
Bad Left Hook
Margarito turns 34 in March -- he's getting old-ish for a boxer in the first place, but when you take into account the physical toll on his body, particularly that right eye which is never going to be in truly good shape for a fight again, he's very, ...

Sam Soliman sees Garth Wood as perfect lead to Daniel Geale

Sam Soliman sees Garth Wood as perfect lead to Dan...
“A win over Garth would pretty much have everyone talking,” Soliman told World Boxing News. “I believe a win would seal a challenge with Daniel Geale in mid-2012 so I can afford no mistakes. “Garth has proved more than once how he is worthy of ...

Mayweather Jr. uses Twitter to goad Pacquiao: "Step up Punk"
Floyd Mayweather Jr. has taken his quest for a fight with Manny Pacquiao to Twitter.
The unbeaten Mayweather publicly challenged and taunted the Filipino superstar on Tuesday, daring Pacquiao to meet him May 5 in Las Vegas.
"Manny Pacquiao I'm calling you out let's fight May 5th and give the world what they want to see," Mayweather tweeted.

Moments later, Mayweather tweeted: "My Jail Sentence was pushed back because the date was locked in. Step up Punk."
Mayweather is available for a fight in May at the MGM Grand Garden after Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa agreed last week to postpone his jail sentence in a domestic violence case until June. Mayweather was sentenced to 87 days in jail, but likely will serve less time.
Mayweather and Pacquiao are boxing's top two stars, and they have circled each other warily for more than two years. Both have said they're eager to fight, yet still haven't reached a deal for what's likely to be the most lucrative bout in boxing history.
While Pacquiao appeared to be more eager for the fight when the two first began verbally sparring in 2009, Mayweather has taken the lead in recent months, stepping up his campaign since Pacquiao's narrow win over Juan Manuel Marquez in November.

as seen http://www.lvrj.com/sports/in-brief-137077763.html

Australian Prazak Debuts in the United States on January 19th

Australian Prazak Debuts in the United States on January 19th
Australian based manager Adam Wilcox told Aus-Boxing.com, “I'm very happy to get Diana on a show so early in the year, especially one in New York and televised. Her opponent will prove a really good test and an early indication on what the next year ...


You may like to know that the ANBHOF is on Facebook

young youngvictor KO'd. by Young Victor


Dwight Rithie stripped of first 4 wins

Ritchie was stripped of his first 4 wins in the professional boxing game by Victorian Licensing Commission due to being under age for professional fighting in Victoria Australia. Dwight is still unbeaten as he was before but his previous fights have been marked as No Contests. http://boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=504539&cat=boxer

Muhammad Ali is coming home to celebrate another milestone - his 70th birthday.
The iconic heavyweight boxing champion will bask in the limelight once again at a private birthday bash Saturday evening at the Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville. Ali turns 70 on Jan. 17. The party will double as a fundraiser for the center - a cultural and education center that also features a museum focusing on Ali's long career.
Ali Center spokeswoman Jeanie Kahnke said Saturday that Ali will be surrounded by old friends and people who made a difference in his life, including his longtime trainer, Angelo Dundee. The party will feature a dinner, entertainment and speeches.
A few tickets remained available for the $1,000-per-person event, she said.


Lovemore Ndou is laying down the law

Lovemore Ndou is laying down the law
The Australian
Ndou plans up to five more fights and has been granted special dispensation by leading law collective, Martin Place Chambers, to mix briefs with boxing. "I haven't fought in Australia since early in 2007 and it's about time," he said. ...

Anthony Mundine off to Las Vegas to pursue three-fight deal

Anthony Mundine off to Las Vegas to pursue three-fight deal
Courier Mail
ANTHONY Mundine has turned to Australia's greatest boxer and old enemy Jeff Fenech to take his career to the next level in America. "He could fight (Julio Cesar) Chavez Jr, he could fight Miguel Cotto, or he could fight Canelo (Saul Alvarez). ...

Kostya: an Aussie fight icon

Kostya: an Aussie fight icon
Adelaide Now
He was inducted into the Australian Boxing Hall of Fame last year and in June he entered the international one in New York, joining only three other Australians - "Young Griffo" (Albert Griffiths), Les Darcy and Fenech. The Sport Australia Hall of Fame ...