Malvern Town Hall 4th April 2009



Fights Results Bob Rose Cup Malvern Town Hall

3rd. April 2009 by Peter Maniatis Promotions
Results by Damian Membrey 4th April.

Fight Comments and video by Young Victor


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Stephen Gillingham
89.20 v Jamie Middleton 101.90
Winner: Stephen Gillingham
by unanimous points
Referee: Brett McCormick
Judges: Matt Ropis (40:33) Aneeka Williams (39:36) Allan McColl (40:35)

Stephen Gillingham fought his usual honest fight and didn't stop his train like effort until the bell went for the last round despite being so far in ahead on points.

Jamie Middleton was overweight and had difficulty keeping himself composed while trying to counter Gillingham.

Speaking to YVB Jamie informed he had lost 17 kilos in the last three weeks for the fight and this seemed rather unhealthy. He intends to settle around the cruiserweight limit in future fights and is being prepared by Keith Ellis.  The fighters are now:  Gillingham to 3 wins 0 losses and Middleton to 0 wins 3 losses

Tim Hunt
66.80 v Jean Claude 67.70
Winner: T Hunt by unanimous points
Referee: Matt Ropis
Judges: Malcolm Bulner (60:54) Aneeka Williams (59:55) Allan McColl (60:54)

Tim Hunt outclassed Jean Claude using well placed copybook punching and refused to join Claude in a punch swapping  roughhouse fight. Wild left and right swings were the go for Claude both to the body and head from too far away and when he gets close enough to hit his opponent he merely holds instead of punching, this was the reason for getting so far behind on points.

Claude has a very busy style and takes the fight to his opponents very seriously, and always provides a good fight. If he straightened his punches his body and footing would be behind them and he would be much more effective to his task.  The fighters are now:  Tim Hunt 5 wins 2 losses and Jean Claude 1 win 9 losses 1 draw

Chris Myers
66.25 v Leigh Purcell 66.35
Winner: C Myers by split points
Referee: Matt Ropis
Judges: Malcolm Bulner (59:55 Myers) Aneeka Williams (58:56 Purcell) Brett McCormick(58:55 Myers)

Both fighters got down to business from the first moment of round one and looked reasonably good but for somewhat untidy punching from the distance and lots of holding when close.

Early in the second round Chris's mouthguard fell out and the referee Mat Ropis took it to the wrong corner for a wash before placing it back into Chris's mouth.

All rounds were fairly similar with the exception of an edge Chris had in landing his punches a little better than his opponent.   The fighters are now: Myers to 3wins 2 losses and Purcell to 9 wins  4 losses 1 draw

8x3 Victorian Super welterweight title
Heath Ellis
67.50 v Dion McNabney 68.95
Winner: H Ellis RSF 2:58 R4
Referee: Malcolm Bulner
Judges: Brett McCormick Aneeka Williams Allan McColl

Two rounds too late Heath Ellis put his opponent a New Zealander fighting for the Victorian Super Middleweight title down for the third time with referee Malcolm Bulner calling it a night.

Heath savagely but calculatedly made his attack towards mid third round and put his opponent down twice with the bell ending the intended slaughter. Heath went straight into the 4th round to end the fight knocking down his opponent and accidentally himself while throwing a hard right, straight away Heath put McNabney down again and he stayed there sitting on the canvas looking happy to see the fight come to an end with Bulner hailing a stoppage.

Dion McNabney with little skill made it look like a warm up fight for Heath Ellis. With his hands mostly down by his sides looking confident but producing nothing.

The fighters are now: Ellis 10 wins 1 loss 1 draw - McNabney 4 wins 10 losses

Jon Walker 78.40 v Jeff Stutt 77.80
Winner: J Walker RSF 2:40 R2
Referee: Brett McCormick
Judges: Malcolm Bulner Matt Ropis Allan McColl

Jon Walker started the round with a series of body punches with follow up punches to the head and got into his usual rhythm of a non stop forward movement with intentions to corner his opponent and put him away.

On the other hand Jeff Stutt was countering with straight lefts and rights which were scoring but he seemed to lack Jonny's strength so having to get broken away from close quarters by the referee Brett McCormick was a relief.

Jon kept his attack in the second round by 4 straight lefts before landing a big right and followed up for the best part of the round, later on in the round Stutt started to give a better account of himself by landing well placed straight lefts and rights followed by doubled up body punches until getting caught with a left hook by Jon which put him down for a little time, he got up halfway to the count of eight but the referee Brett Mc McCormick was not satisfied with his condition when asked to hold his hands up so the fight was stopped.

Jon has improved in recent times with having his temper under control which helps him focus properly on his mission of winning fights. Jon has been unbeaten in his last 7 fights.

The fighters are now: Jon Walker 16 wins 3 losses and 1 draw - Jeff Stutt 4 wins 6 losses

Pierre Karam
97.50 v Mike Lloyd 102.80
Winner: P Karam TKO2 (Lloyd ret at the conclusion of R2)
Referee: Malcolm Bulner
Judges: Brett McCormick Aneeka Williams Allan McColl

Pierre Karam made a successful comeback by stopping Mike Lloyd at the end of round two.

Karam spent the first round getting his distance and finding his target, he looked good and will show up much better after a few fights whilst Lloyd seemed to be lacking confidence and was putting more effort into throwing punches from too far away despite attempting to take the lead.

Throughout Mike Lloyd found he was out of step with Karam as Pierre is very quick on his feet for such a large man.

Karam won the first round with ease and both fighters came out into round two looking more confident until about 20 seconds into the round Karam landed a right which staggered Lloyd and got him on the back move.

By halfway into the round Karam was now looking to end proceedings and went about it with well placed punches to the head and body and punched Lloyd down to the canvas where he got a count of eight.

The round went on with Karam punching to the body and head and as the bell went to finish the round Malcolm Bulner called it a stop and nobody complained as Lloyd had enough and was pleased to retire.

Karam's last fight was in June 2004 at Collingwood Town Hall beating Colin Hunia on points.

The fighters are now: Karam 18 wins 3 losses 1 draw - Lloyd 2 wins 5 losses

Here are some of the fighters, refs, trainers and guests at the venue

Left to right: Chris Myers, Heath Ellis, Tim Hunt and Jon Walker

Left to right: Brett McCormick, Howard Leigh, Julian (the Farrier) Holland and Dale Westerman

Left to right: Peter Maniatis, Pierre Karam, Keith Ellis and Leigh Purcell












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