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Barry Hall offered Hopoate fight

A Tasmanian boxing promoter is willing to shell out $100,000 for Aussie Rules football star Barry Hall to fight rugby league bad boy John Hopoate (pictured) in Hobart next summer.
Grant Brown, himself an undefeated lightweight boxer, has teamed up with a Melbourne businessman to offer the lucrative carrot to the two heavyweight sportsmen.
It is the first offer to Hall since Australia's leading boxing agent Angelo Hyder told that the big Sydney Swans forward could make up to $10 million if he hung up the footy boots and put on the boxing gloves.
The story was picked up by the Herald-Sun in Melbourne the following day and made headlines around the world.
Hopoate's management is said to be interested in the proposed Hobart showdown.
Hall's management will be approached in the next few days.
"If Hall's crew is interested we would hold the fight in the AFL's off-season next summer," Brown said.
But Big Barry, the Swans powerhouse, says he has no immediate plans to turn his back on football for a career in boxing.
Several boxing promoters and trainers believe Hall could earn much more money as a heavyweight fighter and have urged him to walk away from the Swans.
But Hall said it was not a career move he was seriously considering at this stage.
"I've got a few games to play before I think about any of that sort of stuff, the second half of the year and hopefully some finals," Hall said.
"Boxing is the furthest thing from my mind. It's a lot of money, there's a lot of talk going around. I might not be any good. Who knows? No-one knows."










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