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Lewis slams Tszyu comeback

Legendary trainer Johnny Lewis has condemned any plans for a Kostya Tszyu comeback.
Lewis, who threw in the towel to stop Tszyu getting hurt further by Ricky Hatton in their IBF junior-welterweight title fight in Manchester two years ago, is disappointed Tszyu has expressed interest in fighting the likes of Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley or even a rematch with Ricky Hatton.
``The way I see it a comeback is a big mistake,’’ Lewis said. ``I’m certainly not interested in training him for any return fight no matter who it’s against.
``I hope Kostya doesn’t attempt it. He has a lovely family and no need to fight.
``Among the group of fighters Kostya mentions the only one he’d have any chance against would be De La Hoya because I think he could put fear into Oscar with his power.
``But in saying that Oscar has still got that great jab, plenty of power and a lot of size on Kostya.
``A rematch with Ricky Hatton would be foolish. Ricky stopped Kostya last time and he’s probably improved  25 per cent since then. Kostya hasn’t. He doesn’t have any improvement in him.
``Anyone with a good jab and good legs will beat Kostya now. A comeback is pointless.’’
Lewis was speaking on his 2SM radio show.
On Friday Tszyu told Fox Sports in Sydney he still trains every day and even though he is just a few weeks short of 38 has not put a time limit on retirement.
`Any great champion, I am interested in fighting,’’ Tszyu said, ``it is the challenge that interests me.
``The chance to fight again is still open. There is still the opportunity.
``Right now my family is my main focus. I am enjoying spending time with them and doing charity work.
``If I did fight again it would have to be something big – a big challenge – Oscar De La Hoya, a rematch with Ricky Hatton or Shane Mosley – a fight like this.
``The money would have to be worthwhile for me to make the sacrifices. For six months I would be like a pregnant woman with many demands.
``It is all about the business side of things and the desire.
``It would take me four months of hard training to get ready for this fight.
``I am training every day now and I am in shape but there is a different to being in shape and being ready to fight a world championship bout.’’









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