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Unusual Heart Operation

In 1973 during my early employment with CIG I had commenced my position as a draughtsman, I had decided to work in my previous experiences to reduce what I thought was workload from a previous position as a project engineer.

One day while on the drawing board I collapsed to the floor I was sent home to contact my doctor.

My doctor was away on holidays and a replacement was in his consulting rooms.

My doctor was treating me for a nervous condition and blamed my work.

The New doctor heard my story of how I dreamt and felt that a large truck had driven over my chest and stopped with a wheel right on my chest and that my heart felt as if it was being squeezed.

This new doctor knowing that my normal doctor laughed at the comments I made decided to take more notice and sent me to the Shepherd Foundation to undertake a complete examination test.

Within 12 hours I was in Prince Henry's hospital and I was immediately told that I had Constrictive Pericarditis a very rare condition which appeared in Australia once in every four years. "luck of the Irish"

The Australian population was between 13,303,664.


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