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BOXING NEWS - Elomar brothers get panelized for riot involvement



Elomar brothers get panelized for riot involvement
Josh Massoud
BOXING brothers Ahmed and Mohamed Elomar have branded the sport's officialdom "racist bastards" after they were sensationally banned for six months yesterday.

The pair cannot fight again until September for throwing chairs during an appalling fight-night riot in Gosford last year. Both are now threatening to quit boxing altogether.

The stunning melee erupted after Ahmed had floored William Kickett in the first round of their WBO youth title bout at Central Coast Leagues Club.

His camp - including Australian super featherweight champ Mohamed - stormed the ring before the Kickett camp regrouped, sparking a furious response from the boozed-up crowd.

Chairs and bottles were thrown into the ring, and CCTV video showed the two Elomar brothers throwing them back into the stands.

The Boxing Authority of NSW viewed the violent footage at a "show-cause" hearing last Tuesday, and the six-month bans were received in writing yesterday.

Furious about having to concede his newly won WBO belt, Ahmed launched a stunning attack on boxing officials yesterday: "The sport is full of racist bastards - that's why they've banned me and Mohamed. They've always had it in for us. They hate us.

"The crowd throws chairs at us and we get banned. I can't believe it.

"We did throw the chairs back, but it was self defence."

Ahmed said his detention in Lebanon as a terrorism suspect in 2007 had not been forgotten by the authority.

"It was a terrible experience that I've tried to forget, but some people want to keep putting it out there," the 26-year-old said.

"They are racist - it's because of my name and what happened in Lebanon."



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