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UNDERBELLY STORY AND NORTH MELBOURNE and how YV remembers a little part of the era....

I lived in North Melbourne for from 1957/1982,  25 years in all.

I watched the Underbelly movie series on tv the other week and noticed I should have been on the movie as Les Kane's sparring was with me at Snowy Sullivan's gym.

They rarely rolled up and wanted to spar so Les was thrown with me as I was the No1 during that period until Johnny Butterworth came along which taught me a lot of pro moves.

I took it easy on him of course as he was not a pro. I would like to say I took it easy on him because I was scared but I had no idea how deep him and his older brother Brian Kane were into the underworld, maybe Les went in deeper later on, I know they looked tough but was ok with me, they all were (the North Boys)
There were two lots, the Old North Boys and the Young North Boys they used to love me but I never hung around with them except for a couple of times when they invited me to go to their barrel so they called it on Fri or Sat nights at Kensington.

I lived in O'Shanassy Street just around the corner where they hung around which was called "The Happy Valley" in Abbotsford Street Cnr. to Haines Street.
I remember rolling down the road across from the munitions factory in Kensington that ended in Dynon Rd, drunk I don't remember how I got home it may have been a taxi.
Before that at about midnight a war started as usual, as I was told and everyone fought one another and believe me they were all injured when I saw them the next day.

I was unscathed not one of them went for me and there was about 150 of them.
I left because it was dangerous, chairs and tables went everywhere.
The next day they were altogether as friendly as before but beyond recognition.
Years later Les got shot dead and so did Brian later on during my days in my shop Guy Menswear in Sydney Road Coburg.
All I can say is the North boys were a great mob in reality, never did a weekend go when I didn't hear "Victor" from a car in any of the streets of North Melbourne
My wife up to this day tells me she has never felt as safe as she had in North Melbourne.
I shifted to Keilor village and after to the Eastern suburb of Templestowe Lower.

by Young Victor









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