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Barry Michael has Man love


  Thursday, 01 February 2018 12:17:03 PM

IF THERE was a world title awarded for sycophancy, boxing "commentator" and Anthony Mundine lackey Barry Michael would be the undefeated champion.

That is the opinion of fight fans fed up with Michael's one-sided and servile commentary whenever he appears on Fox at a Mundine bout.

The former IBF super featherweight world champ clearly knows his relevance and earning capacity go hand in hand with Mundine's success in the ring.

But although Michael's bias is nothing new - he has been doing it for years - his fawning and prejudice reached a new low during Wednesday night's bout between his paymaster and Daniel Geale.

"I couldn't believe the commentator continually kept awarding Mundine the points on his scorecard. All I could see was that Geale was kicking his ass and could barely see what Mundine was getting points for," one fight fan wrote.

And he wasn't alone in his opinion with thousands of viewers in pubs and clubs across the nation puzzled by Michael's unofficial scorecard, which was inexplicably awash with 10-9 rounds awarded to Mundine when Geale clearly had the upper hand.

It wasn't just what was said during the broadcast, but what wasn't said that infuriated viewers who were hoping for a fair, unbiased coverage.

When Geale connected with his shots, the Main Event commentary team members were deafening in their silence. But when Mundine laid even the barest hint of leather on his opponent, there were roars from Michael and his cohorts, who struggled to find superlatives to do justice to The Man's awesome skills.

Fellow commentator Andy Raymond, at least, tried to bring some semblance of balance to the broadcast - even at one stage suggesting Geale was entitled to feel "robbed" if the judges awarded the fight to Mundine.

But he should be careful.

It was only recently that Main Event team member Paul Briggs was shunted from the line-up and banished from Mundine's fights. His crime? Tipping Danny Green would beat Mundine if the re-match between the pair ever eventuated.

As seen in http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,25555966-5016360,00.html



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