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(Combined they were the old Past and Present Boxers Association as was known in Young Victor's boxing days)

Originally, Past & Present Boxers Club of Victoria was founded in 1939 by George Harrod, ring name Young Knuckler and George Edwards George was Snowy Sullivan's gym manager where Young Victor trained.

The sections below are dedicated to all members - my friends that make up these bodies!


Past and Present Boxers Reunion 27th Nov 2011

27th Nov 2011 By Young Victor

Today was the PPBA reunion day and because its the last for the year its basically a xmas dinner. At our table were Johnny Famechon with his wife Glenis, David Oved with his wife Elen. an old fighter Freddy Camilleri, long boxing assoc John Hare Henry and Leon Nissen, Peter Reid, Roy Edwards, Phil and Mr Lewenburg, Chatting with Leo Young was a good axperience as alway, he just loves being a gentleman he always is. Tommy Sloan and YV's very first opponent Bernie Osborn and many more.


Past & Present Boxers Association 12th September 2010

12/9/2010 by Young Victor

A small but nice crowd attended the PPBA reunion at the Preston RSL.

YVB praise Johnny Famechon a true champion and his wife Glenise for the massive effort they make to always attend and are there for all attendees.


PPBA reunion highlight by YVB 20th June 2010

Yesterday 20th June was the day for the PPBA reunion and present was Ben and Coz Brizzi.

The Brizzi's have been staunch supporters of Amateur boxing for as long as anyone remembers.  by Young Victor


PPBA Reunion 14th March 2010 on YVB's reports

The first for 2010 Past and Present Boxers Association reunion took place at the Darebin RSL a clean and tidy place where the catering is good.

The highlight of the day was Frank Ropis being given back a lost and found belt, this was handed back to him by Mario Magris on behalf of the PPBA.

At the YVB table David Oved with wife Ellen, Leon with Irene and Henry Nissan, Jimmy Bell and Roy Edwards with a friend.

A busy connection took place when a group of old pugs got together and exchanged fight memories. They were Fred Camilleri, Pasquale Cursio and Young Victor of YVB.

Frank Maher, the secretary of the Australian Boxing Hall of Fame. Jewel legend Johnny Famechon with his wife the lovely Glenise.

There were a lot of interesting old fighters not mentioned here and will be written about in the next newsletter from the PPBA.

Below is some of Young Victor's old writings etc. before the PPBA made their own website www.theppba.com.au

Past and Present Boxers Association - PPBA - NEWS

To join PPBA contact Mario Magris 03  80870016 included is a "News Letter" keeping everyone informed monthly.

PRESIDENT : Bobby Liddle. - VICE PRESIDENTS : Alan Fagan, David Magris. - SECRETARY : Mario Magris - TREASURER : Mal Ivory

YVB at the Past and Present Boxers Association.


"For further details call Mario Magris 80870016"


The Past & Present Boxers Association  of Victoria was founded in 1939 by George Harrod, ring name Young Knuckler. (then club)

The PPBA only meet 4 times a year. Officials and members can send NEWS to be included on this site at any time.

To all Fighters and Trainers along with their families.

Young Victor encourages all members with any news about themselves to share it with others on this website.

All are welcome to join us at the PPBA. fees are just $15/annum and entitles you to a "News Letter" each month. &  Entry.

To JOIN Contact Mario Magris (secretary) Tel. (61) 03 9338 8225

Fighters and Trainers along with their families should join in and enjoy some of the yarns.

Young Victor encourages all members with any news about themselves to share it with others on this website. ( send a photo with a story )


PPBA Reunion at Footscray Football Club - 9th Sept 2007

PPBA 9th. September 2007 - Past and Present Boxers Reunion was another success:

Yesterday 9th. September another reunion organized by the usual suspects Mario Magris and Bobby Liddle along with their committee took place at the Spotswood RSL.

Amongst the veterans was Sam Soliman with his lovely wife Maria, Sam has returned to Australia whilst waiting for the next move by the Contender Fight Reality Elimination Tournament in which he is included.

Many old time fighters like Jimmy Hill were there and a great time was experienced by everyone as shown on the video right here on YVB.......Click to see   boxing Victor had a good chat with friend he didn't know he had in Gerry Ward along with Len Ermil and Manny Benson. Barry Michael with his lovely wife Sue was also there but left before the video was taken.


You should see how many past and present fighters you recognize (YV promises to improve on this by alerting everyone about the videoing earlier)

PPBA Reunion at Footscray Football Club - 4th June 2007

This like most reunions was as nice as all the others. YV with Lynette sat at the table with lovely people, the Nissens both Irene and Leon, George Bracken with his wife Queenie, David Oved with his wife Ellen. Many more attended and was quite good. YV had a day off and didn't open his camera.

PPBA Reunion at Footscray Football Club - 4th Mar 2007

Waiting for pics to arrive, this time from Werner Kalin

PPBA Reunion at Footscray Football Club - 24th Nov 2006

"What a boomer of a reunion this was"

This video hopefully captured most if not all people that attended this function.


You will notice a lot of people were browsing through Mario Magriss's newly published "The Encyclopedia of Australian Boxers" YV thinks this was a magnificently layed out book especially considering the coverage.

There may be a few boxers missing which, I am sure will be covered in a later issue of which I am sure will happen.

Despite the above said I must warn you that you should go and order a copy quickly as this one without questioning is a "must have" for any boxing enthusiast. (more will be covered on the book in YVB soon)


This video of the last reunion which happens to be the Xmas one, held at the Footscray Football Club function room (now Western Bulldogs) shows how successful they are run.

All credit must firstly go to Mario Magriss as he was the one to initiate it by advertising a meeting at a pub somewhere and was surprised by how many turned up. By this he resurrected the old PPBA and it became what it is today. Of course there are others now mainly on the committee which must be doing a great job in running a great Victorian Association.

In the video you firstly see David Oved and Bryan Membrey, after that a few in attendance were, Julian Holland, Bobby Liddle, Bobby Daldy, Jack Rennie, Arty Scott, Kerry Palmer, Keith Hargraves, Mario Magriss, Hank Stanley, Fred Camilleri, Ross Colosimo, Paul Ferreri, Sam Soliman, Les Dunn, (jokingly hiding his face as I had not yet seen him since 1963 when we last sparred in preparation for my last fight with my right hand tied to my neck) I shortly discovered that he was present as an award was presented to him by Mario for getting looked after while sparring in Laurie Schwind's gym. I could not lay claim to this award as my right hand was also tied to my neck while sparring Mario. This was to lessen my overuse of my right hand.

There was Peter Read, Johnny Famechon, Howard Leigh, Kevin Glover, Nick Farrelly, Sam, (forgive me Sam) there was Damian Membrey somehow he was missing while the movie cam was running and many others not mentioned "sorry Damian".

by Young Victor.


PPBA Reunion at Footscray Football Club - 27th August 2006

Australian lightweight champion of the late 50's and early 60's George Bracken seen here with a former foe David Oved a champion in his own right and YV.    George's record    David's record

"Georgie" Bracken as most Melbourne fans knew him was the biggest draw-card of those times in Australia. He filled Melbourne Stadium and sold an extra 1000 tickets for people to watch by closed circuit tv (black and white) in the under building of the stadium later used as Ambrose Palmer's gym.

Bracken knocked out Johnny Van Rensburg former Commonwealth (British Empire) Welterweight Title holder until beaten by another Aussie George Barnes 12 months before.

David invited us to his lovely home for afters and we spent the rest of the evening going over photos of his memorabilia of fights in England, Australia, New York and a lot taken with other world famous boxers and trainers and big time boxing gyms with world famous characters.

YV seen here with Jack Renee former World champion Lionel Rose's trainer/manager.

I (YV) never forget his first line when meeting him after 42 years at Harry Ivory's funeral

 the first thing he said was  "one punch and you're out"

Moments before this picture was taken with Victor's wife Lyn, Sam Soliman was preparing for a cheek to cheek pose for this photo.

Young Victor (the camera man) made sure that Sam kept his distance by promptly chasing him around the table but Sam settled down and was pleased for a cuddle pose instead.

Below: Leon Nissen and his wife Irene seen on either side.

Vic and Lyn had a lunch outing and spent a great afternoon with the Nissens at Crown Casino two weeks earlier.

Bonanza of photos - of Friendly Boxing Community



PPBA Reunion at Footscray Football Club - December 4 2005



Werner Kalin with Nissens, Henry left and Leon right

 The Christmas of 2005 was a great success with so many friends and champions all in one place having a great time.

On the mic are -from left- Bobby Liddle, Barry Michael, Mario Magris and Hank Stanley.

Click below to see most people in attendance with a bonanza of pics taken by Werner Kalin.


On the right is YV's nemeses Ross Colosimo with Johnny Ellul, (Johnny Ell) unfortunately my memory fails me as to the other name but all are nice people at these reunions.

A huge amount of photos will be added here in the next 48 hrs.

You may be in one or more of them

Click here for ones that have been added



PPBA Reunion at Footscray Football Club - September 11 2005



Snowy Coates genuinely hugs Young Victor with passion only they can understand.

 Only God steers us and does it in a way which is difficult to understand. My respect for Snowy Coates is unparalleled.

Snowy taught Young Victor his first punch in Boxing.

1 DSC00884.JPG (157884 bytes) 2DSC00896.JPG (158765 bytes) 3DSC00891.JPG (130080 bytes) 4DSC00894.JPG (159222 bytes) 5DSC00899.JPG (148226 bytes) 6DSC00905.JPG (157565 bytes) 7DSC00909.JPG (150417 bytes) 8DSC00914.JPG (158285 bytes) 

1 Kevin Glover, Snowy Coates & YV - 2 Georgie Bracken & YV - 3 Clive Robinson, Johnny Wheeler, George Bracken & YV - 4 George & YV - 5 Sid Ellis & YV - 6 Mario Magriss, Frank Flannery & Hank Stanley - 7 Hank Stanley Johnny Wheeler & Mario Magriss - 8 Chris Anderson, YV & Johnny Wheeler.



Young Victor had the pleasure of meeting his idol in boxing George Bracken for the very first time. 

He was genuinely too shy to approach George in the dressing room areas during fightnights at West Melbourne Stadium.

George was  the greatest contributor to charities especially where children were concerned and is still doing it up to this very day.



PPBA Reunion at Footscray Football Club - June 19 2005        

A bonanza of pictures are shown here.

Our great interim world champion Sam Soliman made the day  with his presence and his friendliness.





We thought to give you a thousand stories by means of nice photos of most of the members and visitors present.

Click below to open.

PPBA Reunion of the 19th June 2005

PPBA Reunion at Footscray Football Club - Mar 18 2005        

With regret Young Victor informs that he was unable to attend due to a flu sickness and if anybody can contact him with any news that took place on this day to place on our website he would very much appreciate you contacting him.

Cheers everyone until next Reunion

Young Victor thanks Werner (kid) Kalin for offering photos from this reunion to show in YVB.

  "BUT" we have photos by Werner (KID) Kalin "Click Here"  

     Here is a bonanza of photos of visitors with legends included     

PPBA Reunion at Footscray Football Club XMAS - Dec 5 2004     

Xmas Reunion at Footscray Football Club was a great success and one that should not have been missed by anyone.

The Girls get front page coverage ! from left Merle Read, Irene Nissen and Lynette.

Bryan Membrey here wishing all of us  on our table a happy Xmas he was just later accompanied by Damian his beloved son and unfortunately Lyn didn't notice to retake the photo.


Bryan's professional Boxing Record.


Dec. 5 2004

Photos from the Reunion.







From left:

Bobby Liddle, Young Victor, Mario Magris

and Alan Fagan.

Take note that if it wasn't for these veterans the PPBA may have remained in limbo.


Their professional boxing records:

Bobby Liddle

Mario Magris

Peter Read - Australian champion, won in Nov.13 1959, unlucky not to have gained the empire title as he had a UD decision on next champion Tuna Scanlon in his last fight. click here for Peter's boxing record 1959/62 defended it twice and retired holding it.

Peter Read with wife Merle, Leon Nissen also with his wife Irene.

Peter was reminded by me about how clean cut a boxer he was and the first thing he reminded me was that I fought on his card at least once, upon checking when I got back home I did find two 4 rounders on the night he fought Tony Dupas, I ko'd Hurtle Atkinson and again on another card with Jack Walsh when I lost on points after ko'ing Johnny Preece.

Peter's career stopped abruptly due to an eye injury.

The cost was higher than just boxing as he was rather model material in looks.

I am sorry this part was not filled in....I apologise to the people in it this will be done asap.

This is becoming hard work hehe

Henry Nissen joined and as usual put a smile on us all, the  happy faces prove the good time had by all in this shot.

Henry a person very well known for his work for the homeless.

Australian champion 1970 and British Empire champion in 1971/74

Click here for Henry's record.


Henry Nissan  in the middle always with a smile and what is noticeable here is that Young Victor was a featherweight, here he looks a division up on Peter Read.

In those days Peter  was the Australian  middleweight champ. I knew that one day I would catch up.

 Thanks to Werner (KID) Kalin more photos have been added Find your photo here "Click Here"


PPBA Reunion at Footscray Football Club -Sep 12 2004          

  boxing   boxing  

Left : Young Victor with legend Frank Flannery                               Right Young Victor with Mick Croucher  President WBF and Johnny Wheeler.


These photos were taken with a pc cam but apparently the flash was not set up to work, I brightened them as much as possible. better photos will be handed to me when we go to the next reunion about 20th. Dec.

I met Barry Michael and his wife Sue (seen in the background above) in person for the first time and photos were taken, they will be added here when made available. Apart from his ability in boxing Barry has a personality to match.

boxing Barry Michael in his heyday, I only got to know Barry during the previous PPBA reunion.

Happy group.. Mick Croucher, Nick Farrelly, Bobby Liddle, YV and Kevin Glover.

Untitled-Scanned-01.jpg (22540 bytes)   12-sep2004051.jpg (56751 bytes) 

Paul Ferreri and another groupie.. hmm?, Johnny Wheeler, Bobby Liddle and YV please note that the fang is a chewy.

Mick Croucher has a son called Nathan who also kept the family tradition of a long line of boxers but had to retire before his time. Story


 Boxing news 

Harry Ivory Passes away - August Mon. 16 2004

August Fri. 20 2004 my wife Lynette and I attended the funeral of the well remembered Henry J. Ivory better known as Harry Ivory legend trainer of hundreds and hundreds of young Australian boxers along with capable boxers like Bobby Liddle. He was extremely well known everywhere especially at the Brunswick baths water aerobics in the pool.

Hundreds of mourners were present paying their respects in a very well organized service at Joyce Chapel in the Fawkner Cemetery - You had to be there to see how respected and loved this man was, little did I know that after meeting him at the reunion at the Footscray RSL (since 43 years before) and having photographs with him, this tragedy was about to happen. Harry will be remembered endlessly by everybody. May he Rest In Peace.

Harry Ivory

At Harry Ivory's Funeral  - August Mon. 16 2004 with Johnny Wheeler I walked up to legend trainer Jack Rennie (at least 42 years since last met) I said to him I am Young Victor he shook my hand, smiled and said

"One punch and You're Out" What a memory, its obvious why success comes to people that know their business, after all Jack did give us Lionel Rose and more.

Jack Rennie knows his business.

PPBA Reunion at Footscray RSL - Jun 20 2004                         


(click to enlarge) below

   YVharryIvoryFamoLyn.jpg (123568 bytes)   YVfammoxxx.jpg (130088 bytes)   YVharryIvory.jpg (81304 bytes)   YvKevinGloverxxx.jpg (142792 bytes)   FrankFlanneryxxx.jpg (84612 bytes)   

Johnny Famechon, Young Victor, wife Lynette, Frank Flannery, Harry Ivory, Kevin Glover, John Stanley and other name yet to be found out,

My apologies to the person unknown to me.  Photos kindly taken with no charge by Art Scott.


Mario Magris was organizing all comers.

Kevin Glover a very capable boxer late 50's/early 60's was the first person I met who greeted me so well whom I thank very much for pointing out who everyone was.

Some names I remember were ( I will be adding to this list as I remember) Mal Ivory, Henry Nissan, Jack Kriss, Johnny Famechon, Bobby Bath, Frank Flannery, and some trainers Harry Ivory, Snowy Coates, and many more.

A few of the pictures taken displayed.

Arty Scott is the man that makes these days so great taking photographs and then passing them to individuals during the following reunion, this makes it so nice and memorable he is a very nice gentleman and we will have his photo here next time.

Past and Present Boxers Association  

Aldo Pravisani


Aldo Pravisani passes away in Trieste Italy
May 13 2004

Aldo Pravisani Passes away: 13th May 2004, in Trieste Italy not
quite 74. I have been informed this today about the loss of this great boxing wizard by Luciano Coceano who knew him personally as well. Lynette and I offer our condolences to his family.
I married my wife Lynette on her 17th. birthday at St Mary's church West Melbourne and my wedding reception was held at Aldo's Coffee lounge "Don Camillo" upstairs reception area at Victoria Street West Melbourne, just around the corner from the church.
I remember sparring with Aldo quite a few times at Ambrose Palmer's gym (gentleman in the ring and out).
Victor and Lynette have great memories of Aldo when in Australia between the years of 1959 and 1960.

Y V's first Reunion with Mario Magris and Bobby Liddle

Dinner at Mario Magris - April 28 2004

A fitting maccaroni with Italian sauce dinner from an invite through Bobby Liddle at Mario Magris's house, was the order of the day 28-4-2004. (my first meeting with these nice dedicated old fighters).

I was promptly reminded of sparring with both at Snowy Sullivan's gym where I trained at Brougham Str. North Melbourne.

I remembered Bobby Liddle's but I had to look at a photo of Mario's sparring Lionel Rose when my memory was jogged (how could I forget his face "good looking youngster")

I was delighted finding out that the Past and Present Boxers Association was picked back up and maintained by them and others I'm yet to meet up with.

I sincerely thank Mario and Bobby for taking the time and making the effort to welcome me and bring back all the nice memories of fighters we discussed like Les Dunn, Les Mclean, Cec Rogers, George Beris, George Bracken, Aldo Pravisani, Johnny Butterworth, Johnny Famechon, Lionel Rose, Max Carlos, Johnny Wheeler and many more.

Past and Present Boxers Association 

Bobby Liddle 1958

SURPRISE - March 31 2004

Recently Bobby Liddle (President of the Past and Present Boxers Association) while searching for one of my greatest favourite boxers George Bracken detected my website and sent me a message from here which made my day.

I have been trying to locate other boxers from my boxing days (1958 - 1963) for years. He invited me to their next meeting to finally get with these old timers, I have been looking forward to this and hope they remember me, its been 41 years since my last fight and not seen them since.