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Young Victor advises you that not all that is sent to him is published here and that what is shown is by specific agreeance.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your flattering nice words, I just keep things going by just trying to be nice to fighters, fans and boxing officials alike.
Todays fighters are such a nice bunch.
I am so proud of how nice these boxers of today are, they are so respectful when I run into them with my wife at fightnights.

Boxing has been so quiet in this state, it needs to wake up in 2006 and I hope I can play a part in that.

I wish you and your family all the best of health and everything else for the New Year.
Feel free to contact me anytime you like, I am only too pleased to hear from you.

Kind Regards.

Young Victor



What an absolute gem this site is YOUNG VICTOR! It's unique, very informative, and quite charming! I have always enjoyed following the Austrailan Boxing scene, but it's not easy to do so living up here in the states. This is an excellent 'tool' to keep sharp on the hot news and action in your beautiful country. (And I also like the added attention to the 'little treats'--i.e the often overlooked Straweights, Flyweights, and Bantamweights!) > 

Brian R. Bizzack (A.KA "The Cruiserweight")
Seattle, Wa-San Francisco, Ca--U.S.A


It was nice meeting you at the last reunion and noticed you had a good time. I hope you keep enjoying it. Always amazes me how nice old boxers are one being Ross Colosimo, 




Hi Victor,

You've done it again! You've talked :-) me into joining the PPBA. I actually had hoped to be present at the June meeting, but my wife's poor health prevented me from doing so.

With a little luck nothing should stop me from being there in a couple weeks. I am looking forward to meet you and the rest of the "oltimers" then!



request: 28-5-2005


G'day.....I have a 16 year old son, that has this past 3 years gone off the
tracks and been getting into trouble.........he needs to get back on track and
have a purpose in life and to set goals...........he has expressed a desire to
box...........which  I  myself as a teenager did........boxing would discipline
him and give him a direction to set goals, as well a release for his spent
up energy........I am hoping you can steer us to a reputable boxing gym and
trainer in  Geelong.........waiting in much anticipation for your reply

thanks............Tony xxxxx




Hello Tony,

Sorry not getting to you sooner because of busy times.
I heard of a trainer in Geelong called Mick Murray whom is apparently pretty
good according to the WBF President Mick Croucher.
You can contact him on this number given to me 03 52784383

Young Victor

Comments: 11-5-2005


I really would like to thank you for all your recent help with my search for my father whom I hadn't seen for 40 years. Through just a little snippet on your website and a lot of help from you and some others, I've now managed to track Dad down. After speaking on the phone we are planning a family reunion shortly and are all really excited about meeting and introducing Dad to his grandchildren. This would not have happened if it wasn't for your website, and we really appreciate you kindness and help.

Many thanks again, and I will let you know how things go after our visit.

Kind regards,


Due to family privacy I can not publish the correspondence that took place to get to this point, but as you may gather this has been one touchy experience for me and very pleased to have been a part of.

Good Luck Donna with the rest of your life and all family issues from here on.

As a matter of interest Barry Hatcher was a capable boxer 1950/1959 of 36 fights 29/6/1 with some scalps to his name.

He was trained by Ambrose Palmer.

His record found here BoxRec


Young Victor


Gosh, Victor how time flies, Victor.

I recall so clearly the evening, close to 45 years ago, when returning home from work, I stopped at a milk bar near the intersection of Moonee Ponds junction, at the beginning of Pascoe Vale Road. This establishment has since long closed, but that evening for the princely sum of  some 3.00 shillings (or was it 2/6?) I bought my first Australian Ring, edited by Ray Mitchell.

The front cover featured the image of the late great Archie Moore, at the time still the reigning lightheavyweight champion. He had just defended his title against Giulio Rinaldi of Italy, and the heading called him "ageless". What the hell did ageless mean anyhow? (I only arrived in Australia at the end of 1960).

That was the first boxing magazine I purchased. It was to be also the first of hundreds I would buy over the next thirty or so years. The American Ring, Boxing Illustrated, Fighter (1st, 2nd and 3rd re-incarnations) and dozen of others. I still have most of them, although my divorce some 24 years ago caused me to lose some, amongst which there were also some, to me, priceless newspaper cuttings.

The Australian champions at the time were, as far as I can remember,  Clive Stewart, Peter Read, George Barnes, George Bracken, Wally Taylor and Johnny Jarret. The heavyweight crown was vacant, and Steve Zoranich was the leading contender. There were only eight weight divisions and only one champion per category. World wise, the NBA, soon to be renamed WBA started to cause problems by creating their own champions, initially with the middleweights, then spreading to other divisions.

Australia had only had one world champion, Jimmy Carruthers, soon to launch in ill fated comeback. John Famechon and Lionel Rose had not started their boxing careers. Muhammad Ali, after winning gold in Rome, had just begun his outings in the pro. Soon I was to attempt my short stint in boxing, and 28 Marco Polo Street, Essendon, W5, became a familiar address.

Although I hardly know what is happening in the pugilistic world nowadays, I still treasure these memories, and reading in these pages ofthe death of Harry Ivory brought sadness but also glorious memories.

Who knows, one day I may pop up to one of your meetings. However, I better have my afternoon nap and a cup of hot cocoa first.

Great to relive those days Victor. Best regards to all. Lucio


Victor, Enjoyed reading your web site.
Brought back a lot of memories of the good old days in the gym.
Best Wishes 




I saw your site after looking for some info, articles, promotional, photos programs, etc, on Ron Wilson, Aussie Featherweight, and Reg Mack, Australian Heavyweight Champ 1952, I don't suppose you have anything on Ron or Reg, Ron is my grandfather and reg my great uncle, if you have anything could you let me know, they both started fighting in the ring in around the 1940 through into the 1950's if you find or have anything it would be great if i could get a copy emailed to me

Thanks and regards

Had a good look at your site, very informative



Dear Young Victor
            My father was a boxer in the 50, but l have little information on him, as my parents were divorced when l was 12 and he is now dead.His name was Jim Francis and he was a member of the past and present boxing association, he died in 1995 and used to drink at the George Hotel in South Melbourne.l am trying to get some information about him, were you use to train, who he fought etc in a effort to understand his life and to at least pass down some history to my own son.l understand you are busy, but is there any records available or persons l could talk to, as my mother is very withholding regards information about my father.
   l enjoyed your internet site and wish you luck




Young Victor,
I put together a website with the photos i had and someone emailed me the articles, thought you would like to take a look.
Take a look at the group photo, Ron Wilson and Reg Mack and Harry Ivory and others, do you recognise any of them.
Also i have sent away for Ron Wilsons records to Michael J Clarke, i hope to have them soon

Username:         Denise Finley
UserTel:          386-673-0389
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
youngvictor:      Send


Need to find a boxing trainer for my son, a super middle weight in Daytona Beach Florida.


We found that the email address was non existent so we published it.



Hi Victor, I was saddened to see on your webpage that Harry Ivory has passed away.
I first had the pleasure of meeting Harry back in 1991 who lived opposite my partners home in Brunswick East, and who now lives with me in northern Victoria on a dairyfarm. I use to pop in to say hello when ever I was in the area and have a little chat with him, which to say the least was always inspiring. The last time I called in he told me this funny story.
He was at a reunion recently, and with that twinkle in his eye the story went like this, Lionel Rose asked him if he could get him a drink of beer, Harry said he would have a lemon squash, Lionel's comment was "Hell Harry, I'm not going up and ordering a bloody squash" Then, as Harry told it, this fine strongly built young fellow with big broad shoulders," ohh he was a fine young fellow" said he would get him a squash, so he got Harry his drink and sat down and had a good chat, after he had left all the others said " How do you know him Harry" ? Harry answered was "I know the face , but can't put a name to it". He burst out laughing as he told me..........they said "that was Chopper Read". I remember he spoke of you often as he showed me his photo collection and the stories that went with them.
I will miss visiting him and the stories of how he would teach the girls how to protect themselves down at the Brunswick baths. A true legend. 

Cheers Doug.

PS. you don't have to reply............just my little tribute.



Young Victor..
Thanks for your information re Frank Flannery for Barry Hatcher.I will not make a habit of sending you Emails as I would say you lead a busy lifestyle with your  working and boxing interests..A mate of mine knows Laurie Flanders pretty well as you probably  know he is an icon in Boxing and Football circles over here..He was over your way for the Hall of Fame Night.Over the years he has  been boxing trainer for both of our AFL  Footy clubs.. the Eagles & The Dockers and also some of the Local Footy Clubs..He sent me up the last couple of Programmes of the Nights to have a look at..I could imagine some of those Items up for  Auction bringing a good price..I am starting to feel Hungry,Just reading the Menu for the Hall of Fame Night..


Comments: 15-5-2004


Nice to hear names that some forty odd years ago, formed such as an important part of my sporting interest. One could of course add many more such as Jack Kriss, the ill fated Jack Krall, John Famechon, Gary Cowburn, Love Allottey and so on.

But the reason for my writing, and I am very sad  to provide the news, is that former Australian and later Italian lightweight champion Aldo Pravisani has passed away in 15th of May 2004. He was not quite 74. A sad day indeed. I will never forget his brilliant style and his battles with Bracken, Taylor, Allotey, Floyd and too many others to think of now.

With much sadness but with warmest regards,


This information was immediately relayed to Mario Magris secretary of the PPBA - Past and Present Boxers Association - Thanks to Lucio we were the first to know about it. ( RIP Aldo Pravisani )


Young Victor, I have always wondered about where you ended up, we occasionally bring up your name at the club get reunions. I would be pleased if you got in touch and came along to our next function. I liked the pics you have on line. regards

BOBBY LIDDLE President Past and Present Boxers Association  Victoria

This message was responsible for Young Victor's comeback in form of association with his old boxing friends.

This website started developing after this connection with Bobby Liddle.


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