Young Victor almost loses son to suicide.

Young Victor almost loses son to suicide.

Monday 2nd June 2008 at 5:07pm I received a phone call from my wife Lynette and she told me that Paul had been ringing her and that the last time he rang he was crying while telling her he loved her.
Alarm bells made me go directly to his house and after trying to call him on his phone without response I asked the people next door to provide a pinch bar of some kind to help break the door down.
Paul was unconscious on his lounge floor laying in a huge pool of blood with a huge knife from his cooking set was beside him.

When the shirt was torn open we discovered a hole which looked about 70-80 mil in diameter. I immediately called 000 at 5:12pm to get some instructions until the arrival of help.


The police arrived shortly after and a young policeman and a police woman pretty well told me to leave and waived a batten, I promptly showed him a closed fist and warned that if he tried to use it on me I would knock him out reminding him that he was my son laying there.

He cooled down and things progressed.

The police woman seemed to handle it in a better understanding way.


He was taken to intensive care where he remained for two days. We have been living in the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he has been operated on and now is in good recovery mode.

When asked why! he responded by saying that he can't believe he did it.

Paul is now recuperating at his dad's house in Lower Templestowe.



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