Former Australian champion now wanted on terrorism charges

By David Finger
The tragedy that is the Civil War in Syria and Iraq has an unfortunate connection to the sport of boxing, as one of the most notorious terrorists to emerge in the horrific conflict is radical Islamic jihadist Mohammed Elomar. Elomar, a citizen of Australia, has quickly emerged as one of the most recognizable faces in the conflict, prompting Australian Attorney-General George Brandis to describe Elomar, and other Australians like him the “biggest threat to Australian national security.”

“What they have demonstrated is a promotion of violent crimes, probably war crimes,” Brandis was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald.

The degree of involvement of Elomar to the radical Islamic fundamentalist organization known as ISIS has prompted the Australian Federal Police to issue an arrest warrant for Elomar on terrorism related charges.

Elomar is perhaps best known to boxing fans in Australia as the marginally talented light welterweight prospect Mohammed “Suger” Elomar, who amassed an impressive record of 19-1, 9 KOs. Elomar’s most noteworthy win was a fifth round TKO over Ernie Gonzalez back in December of 2008 in a fight that netted him the Australian Super Featherweight title. However, Elomar failed to fully capitalize on his potential and reportedly earned a reputation as a somewhat dirty fighter. His 2006 fight with Matt Powell ended in a no contest due to the “unruly” nature of both combatants, and in his only loss, Elomar was disqualified the following year in a rematch with Powell due to low blows. Perhaps most infamously, in November of 2008 Elomar was involved in one of the most disgusting displays in Australian boxing history when he was involved in a riot after his brother Ahmed Elomar scored a first round knockout over undefeated prospect William Kickett. The riot turned so ugly that Fox News cut its live broadcast of the fight. Although Ahmed Elomar was recorded throwing chairs at individuals during the riot, Mohammed and Ahmed were dismissive of the negative response from Australian boxing fans after the incident, citing racism.

“The sport is full of racist bastards,” Ahmed told the Daily Telegraph after he was banned from the sport for four months. “That’s why they’ve banned me and Mohamed. They’ve always had it in for us. They hate us.”

Although Elomar returned in June of 2013, winning a split decision against Takamori Akita, he soon abandoned his boxing career and became involved with the radical terrorist group known as the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant. He shocked boxing fans in July when he posted on Twitter of him grinning while holding up the severed heads of two Syrian soldiers. He subsequently posted photos of himself posting the severed heads on an iron fence. Another picture featured Elomar holding up a severed head next to three other heads on the ground hear him.

“”few more heads how lovely bludy amazing stuff abuhafs u keep on cutting those infidel throats but the last 1 is mine!” Elomar allegedly posted on Twitter in regards to the disturbing photos. Elomar continued to shock Aussies when, just yesterday he commented on a photo posted by fellow Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf. Sharrouf posted a photo of his seven year old son holding up the head of a Syrian soldier, in what is already emerging as one of the most disturbing photos to come out of Syria since the conflict broke out in 2011. The photo prompted Elomar to Tweet “What a ­flaming ripper ayyy beauty mate love it keep them heads rolling.”

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