What everybody including

"Australian Ring Magazine"

didn't know

( Story covered at right )

Everyone should know that I always made a fight of it


The reason why I started slowly in this fight was because the longest distance in all my fights before this was 8 rounds.

Curcio had 33 events prior to this 16 of which were 12 and 10 round fights, he had fought the likes of Bluey Wilkins, Aust. champion Johnny Jarrett , Victorian. champion Les McLean, David Floyd, Tommy Hepper, and Les ( popeye ) McNair.

About the third round Snowy commented about me bringing my girlfriend to see this fight and to take the lead in the fight.

He started making a fuss in the corner along with body language that made me feel rather very embarrassed.

Snowy kept making a show of himself at ringside and verbally abusing me in words not worth mentioning here.

Amazingly although I knew Snowy swore quite freely I had never seen this kind of attitude in him before and it put me in a state defiance.

Yes Snowy upset me so much that I at my young age of just over 19 just didn't know how to cope with and kept it to myself.

"No the writer got it wrong"

George Edwards

The reason I stayed with Snowy all that time is because I was faithful and I liked the man possibly because he did have a silent streak in him of niceness that may have been my own imagination, and with me being the naive,  gentle and full of confidence I figured this may not be as important as it was.

Snowy was an alcoholic and used to arrive in the gym always drunk to the degree that he could not stand up, very seldom not, I was advised numerous times by friends to go to Ambrose Palmer.

George Edwards (usher at festival hall) lived across the road, Brougham Str. and had keys to open the gym "rain hail or shine" George was always there.

George must be in heaven, he certainly deserves it. RIP

Johnny Butterworth was a "God Send" to Snowy's gym

What Australian Ring magazine said by "Norm Foster" Melbourne writer.


Years later in 1985 Norm dropped into my menswear shop at Sydney Rd. Coburg and became a regular visitor for coffees with us right up to 1990.

Norm nor I ever mentioned the bad writeup he gave me, truthfully I never even thought of it during all those years.


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